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ServiceNow and NVIDIA expand relationship with introduction of telco-specific GenAI solutions to elevate service experiences

Built on the Now Platform, Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management leverages NVIDIA AI to help boost agent productivity, speed time to resolution, and enhance time to value.

Mobile World Congress: ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), the leading digital workflow company making the world work better for everyone, and NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) today announced that they are broadening their relationship with the introduction of telco‑specific generative AI solutions to elevate service experiences.

The first solution, Now Assist for Telecommunications Service Management (TSM), is built on the Now Platform and uses NVIDIA AI to help boost agent productivity, speed time to resolution, and enhance customer experiences. As telcos look to reduce costs and uncover new business opportunities, they’re turning to AI and automation. In a survey from IDC, 73% of global telecommunications service providers identified AI/ML investments to support operations as their top transformation priority.1

“GenAI is a game‑changer for telcos looking to boost productivity, improve customer experiences, and drive cost savings with its ability to learn and improve with each use,” said Rohit Batra, general manager and vice president for telecom, media, and tech at ServiceNow. “Together, ServiceNow and NVIDIA will help telcos realize unprecedented business value and impact, fast. This is just the beginning of a large‑scale transformation for the industry, and we’re excited to be at the forefront.”

“The telco industry is rapidly evolving as AI makes its mark on enterprises everywhere,” said Chris Penrose, global head of business development for telco at NVIDIA. “Our partnership with ServiceNow will help telcos leverage GenAI to tackle their unique challenges and build better, stronger, more efficient experiences.”

Many features within Now Assist are powered by ServiceNow fine‑tuned large language models, as well as served using NVIDIA Triton Inference Server™ and customized with NVIDIA NeMo™, both included with NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform for the development and deployment of production‑grade AI applications, including generative AI cutting‑edge innovation for business‑critical use cases, including:

  • Customer Care: Telco customer service agents are expected to provide customers with accurate, fast support. GenAI‑powered chat summarization and agent assist capabilities help boost productivity and play a pivotal role in call deflection. GenAI can summarize case activity, work notes, and customer interactions, and guide agents with next best actions. This helps agents serve customers quickly and focus on complex queries that require personalized attention—leading to overall better customer experiences.
  • Service Assurance: GenAI provides service assurance teams, stakeholders, and customers a streamlined and rapid understanding of incidents. Take a fiber cut, a common service assurance use case that can have problematic and financial consequences for telcos. Incident management teams face a slew of challenges when handling these incidents, dealing with technical data and the risk of misinterpretation due to specialized terminology and acronyms. GenAI  helps decipher technical jargon, distill complex information into clear, concise summaries designed to speed time to resolution, drive cost savings, and improve customer experiences.

ServiceNow and NVIDIA plan to build out additional telco‑specific GenAI use cases based on the unique needs of customers. Together, the companies are working to solve the industry’s biggest challenges and drive business transformation for telcos globally.

Partnering for responsible and safe AI

The telco use cases are an extension of ServiceNow and NVIDIA’s partnership announced in May 2023.

1IDC, 2023 Telecommunications Service Provider Transformation Plans and Strategies Survey Highlights, Doc # US49352223, May 2023

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Now Assist for TSM is available today.


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