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SurveySparrow hosts RefineCX 2024 focusing on AI-powered CX Transformation

RefineCX brought together 50+ CX leaders to explore GenAI and beyond for modern customer experience.

SurveySparrow, a leading customer experience management (CXM) platform, hosted ‘RefineCX India’ at Sofitel Mumbai BKC on Feb 23, 2024. The event had over 50 CX leaders delve into the transformative potential of generative AI and its application in modern customer engagement strategies.

(L to R): Vipin Thomas- VP-Revenue Operations, SurveySparrow, Shihab Muhammed – Founder and CEO, SurveySparrow, Gaurav Sharma – Vice President & Head- Operations, Bajaj Allianz, Mithila Mahajan- GIobal Head – Customer Experience, BDx Data Centres and Evani Keshav Rao- President – Digital Banking, YES Bank

Star-Studded Panel Discussions Illuminate the Path Forward

The event featured panel discussions on the intricacies of personalizing customer journeys and strategic use of social reputation. Notable industry figures such as Mithila MahajanGlobal Head of Customer Experience at BDx Data CentresAkash Surekha, Ex-Managing Director, JP Morgan and Chase, and Gaurav SharmaVice President & Head of Operations at Bajaj Allianz shared their insights during the discussions. These conversations underscored the evolving landscape of customer expectations and how businesses can not only meet but exceed through technology.

Akash Sureka, Ex-Managing Director, JP Morgan and Chase expressed that: “By harnessing the power of social reputation, we can build trust, driving sustained growth and success in today’s dynamic marketplace. It was delightful to share insights at the event, fostering meaningful discussions and learning from fellow industry leaders.”

L to R: Jimmy Jonathan- Director-SDR, SurveySparrow, Shihab Muhammed – Founder and CEO, SurveySparrow, Ramit Mahajan- Head – Customer Experience, Henkel, Akash Surekha-
Ex-Managing Director, JP Morgan and Chase and Ashutosh Karandikar – Founder & Principal Consultant, Kretrutosh Consulting

Mithila Mahajan, Global Head – Customer Experience, BDx Data Centres reflected on the event, stating: “Reimagining the customer experience panorama requires constant awareness of customers’ points of interaction. It was exciting to discuss the latest innovations and practical solutions for brands to deliver a nuanced customer experience. It’s an amazing time for CX professionals to utilize Generative AI to its fullest.”

Honoring Customer Heroes And Making CXM Accessible


SurveySparrow, serving more than 4000+ businesses, recognized the efforts and mastery of leading customer-favorite brands by presenting “Customer Voice Champion” awards to MeeshoTata Digital, and Decathlon. It spotlighted the impact these brands had on their customers over the years.

Moreover, to better serve the Indian market and encourage more businesses to enhance customer experience, SurveySparrow has introduced INR pricing starting from Rs. 599, making their platform more affordable.

Expanding the Horizon with Generative AI


SurveySparrow showcased its star AI features –AI Wings and CogniVue to enhance CX with its presence at 20+ customer touchpoints. AI Wings serves as a versatile digital assistant, streamlining feedback collection, customer service, and managing reviews. CogniVue, on the other hand, offers advanced data analytics, simplifying the process of deriving meaningful insights from voluminous datasets. Additionally, the platform announced its plan to extend Reputation Management support to over 100+ review platforms, including Google Reviews, MakeMyTrip, G2, and Capterra.

Shihab MuhammedFounder and CEO of SurveySparrow said “Incorporating generative AI into our platform has unlocked new possibilities for deep customer understanding and engagement. Staying ahead of technological advancements is key to driving growth and delivering value.”

Looking Ahead: RefineCX USA 2024

Buoyed by the success of RefineCX India, SurveySparrow is gearing up for another edition, this time in New York City with RefineCX USA 2024 slated for April. The event is poised to further SurveySparrow’s vision of continuous improvement in customer experience.

About SurveySparrow:

SurveySparrow is a leading experience management platform that empowers brands to refine experiences at every touch point. It reshapes the customer journey by delivering invaluable insights and actionable data. With a global footprint, the company caters to over 4000 clients spanning 149 countries and provides support in more than 85 languages. Notable among its clientele are industry leaders such as Godrej, Meesho, Xerox, Honda, and many more.