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These are the Best Jobs of 2024 in India according to Indeed

“Non-Tech Roles Lead Amidst Rising Demand for Remote Work Opportunities”


  • The highest salaries are for mid-management roles whereas media and marketing see demand for remote work


 Indeed, the leading global matching and hiring platform, has announced a list of the Best Jobs for 2024 in India. This year’s list includes a mix of roles in sectors such as technology, marketing and social media, finance as well as therapy. Indeed has compiled this list of best jobs based on availability (share of job postings), salary, opportunity growth (% change YoY), and the number of postings offering remote or hybrid working arrangements based on data from its platform.

Mid-management roles across various sectors like finance, accounting, social media, supply chain, and customer care are currently in high demand.

Indeed’s Best Jobs in India for 2024 includes only five jobs in the technology sector, which is a significant decline from the previous year’s 15 tech jobs in the list. However, this decline doesn’t suggest that tech jobs are disappearing; they are undergoing a transformation and experiencing a period of change due to the high exposure to new technologies. The inclusion of social media manager, digital marketer, and therapist roles in the list of top 20 jobs reflects the changing work landscape, which could be becoming less dominated by hardcore tech roles.

Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales, Indeed India said, Within the past year, we’ve witnessed unprecedented technological advancements and economic conditions that have left a lasting impact on the jobs market. Our data shows that there seems to be a cautious approach to hiring for tech jobs, indicating that other areas such as finance, operations, digital marketing and accounting are sunrise sectors for jobseekers to explore.”

This trend is not only seen in India but also globally. Indeed’s Global Best Jobs of 2024 list saw a notable decline in tech jobs in the list. The top job role in the US is mental health technician, underlining the critical need for wellbeing.

Top 20 job roles for 2024 in India 

S.NoJob roleMean salaryJobs per 1M for the period ending 2024-01-01% change in job between 2021-01-01 & 2024-01-01% containing remote in job description
1Senior engineer9,12,307 INR4,0371304
2Operations lead7,09,855 INR2,6666541
3Social media manager4,47,140 INR1,6196710
4Business manager5,27,621 INR1,006262
5Finance manager8,04,599 INR890383
6Senior .net developer9,58,285 INR8023213
7Electrical designer4,93,805 INR5651228
8Senior digital marketer4,68,742 INR538457
9Cluster manager8,10,868 INR473913
10Occupational therapist5,27,283 INR459691
11Supply chain manager8,07,222 INR407279
12Content manager6,67,861 INR3603010
13Senior Architect7,69,695 INR323366
14Accounting manager9,77,032 INR309244
15Senior electrical engineer5,97,369 INR2751747
16Performance manager6,29,240 INR27317711
17Finance assistant5,36,918 INR257643
18Customer care manager4,76,701 INR225436
19Assistant leader9,21,068 INR2153324
20Industrial engineer4,68,202 INR185603

The jobs with the highest salaries are again for mid-management roles such as accounting manager, assistant leader, senior engineer, cluster manager, supply chain manager and finance manager – with mean salaries ranging from 8 LPA to 9.7 LPA. Only two tech roles such as senior .net developer and senior engineer are included in the list of top 10 jobs ranked by salary.  Meanwhile, the jobs that have seen the highest growth in the last three years are operations lead (654%), assistant leader (332%), performance manager (177%), senior electrical engineer (174%), senior engineer (130%), freight handler (1203), electrical designer (122%). As tech companies are asking employees to come back to work, roles in media and marketing such as performance manager, social media manager and content manager have more options for remote work.


Indeed’s list of best jobs has been calculated based on job postings, mean salary, year-on-year job growth as well as percentage of jobs containing remote in its description on Indeed’s platform between January 2021 and January 2024. The percentage depicted shows the percentage change in jobs share per 1 million jobs.

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