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Umob partners with CleverTap to deliver personalised customer experiences 

Umob partners with CleverTap to deliver personalised customer experiences 

CleverTap, the all-in-one engagement platform, announced its selection by Umob, the Netherlands’ premier super-mobility platform; Umob combines all-electric e-mopeds, scooters, bikes, cabs and public transport within one app. Through CleverTap’s cutting-edge offerings, they will be able to harness the power of data-driven insights and personalised engagement. This will enhance user experiences, drive user retention, and optimise their overall business operations.

Umob’s innovative approach to sustainable urban mobility has positioned it as a prominent name in the Netherlands market. They have simplified how people navigate cities with a seamless app experience. Umob was looking for a platform to enhance customer engagement and retention strategies, provide data-driven decision-making, personalise experiences, and increase customer lifetime value.

CleverTap’s all-in-one platform, which includes advanced analytics, multi-channel communication capabilities, and seamless integration options, will play a pivotal role in helping Umob meet its requirements. With CleverTap, Umob can deliver highly targeted and personalised user experiences, driving increased engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value.

“As Umob continues on its high-growth trajectory, we must focus on maximising customer lifetime value early on. In a period of rapid expansion, retaining high-quality customers and driving return on investment are paramount to our business sustainability,” said Raymon Pouwels, Co-Founder of Umob. “CleverTap emerged as the ideal fit for us, offering an all-in-one platform that aligns perfectly with our objectives. With CleverTap’s suite of cutting-edge offerings, we are confident in our ability to deliver personalised experiences, foster strong customer relationships, and ultimately drive long-term business success.”

Pravin Laghate, Vice President, Europe, CleverTap, said, “Umob’s strides in the mobility-as-a-service space are nothing short of remarkable. This partnership signifies the fusion of two forward-thinking entities aiming to revolutionise the industry. As Umob embarks on a phase of exponential growth, CleverTap’s innovative solutions will play a pivotal role in empowering their journey. Together, we envision a future where mobility-as-a-service is redefined, offering unparalleled convenience, maximising the lifetime value of each user.”

About CleverTap

CleverTap is the all-in-one engagement platform that helps brands unlock limitless customer lifetime value by helping them create personalised experiences to retain their most valuable customers. The platform empowers businesses to orchestrate experiences for individuals across their lifecycles and design personalised journeys that span a lifetime. It offers analytics encompassing every aspect of the lifecycle, enabling businesses to measure and optimise each experience in real-time. Its unique AI capability is insightful, empathetic, and prescriptive, facilitating smarter and faster decisions. The all-in-one platform unifies experiences from every touchpoint, paving the way for a new era of customer engagement.