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United We Care launches #MayDay campaign to promote mental wellness among professionals

 United We Care (UWC), a leading AI-powered mental wellness company, has launched a #MayDay campaign to mark Mental Health Awareness Month. As part of the initiative, UWC aims to raise awareness about mental health struggles that employees often feel hesitant to express openly.

During the month-long campaign, UWC will touch upon various mental healthcare themes, encouraging people who might be struggling to consider therapy. Additionally, UWC will strive to break the stigma around mental health by encouraging a positive conversation on the sensitive issue. The campaign’s primary target audience includes C-Level executives, HR professionals, and healthcare providers, among others.

UWC is already innovating in the mental wellness space through its AI Virtual Wellness Coach, Stella, and free self-care content to help people educate themselves and get on the wellness path. A significant rise has been recorded in the number of people downloading the UWC app and using the platform for support. Stella, the AI chatbot, has already facilitated 10 million conversations, with the figure rising every minute. Topics around conflicts in relationships, sleep concerns, and anxiety are the top trending themes on the platform.

Speaking about the #MayDay campaign, Ritu Mehrotra, Founder & CEO of UWC said, “Our digital campaign, #MayDay isn’t just about promoting our services; it’s about creating a cultural shift. We’ll use a multi-pronged approach, featuring relatable stories from real people. This creates a ripple effect. By sparking conversations online and normalising the experiences of struggle, we break down the stigma surrounding mental health. People will see themselves or their loved ones reflected in the campaign, and hopefully, feel empowered to seek help. Ultimately, our goal is to make mental health a topic discussed as openly as physical health.”

While the #MayDay campaign is set to conclude on May 31, UWC has affirmed its commitment to continue its efforts in raising awareness around mental health and providing a safe space to talk about it.

About United We Care:

United We Care is a deep tech company dedicated to developing AI-driven solutions that address critical needs in the mental healthcare landscape. Their mission is to empower individuals to manage their mental well-being through accessible and effective tools. At the helm of their platform is Stella, an AI virtual wellness coach that provides the much-needed psychological first aid to users. Stella has been trained by hundreds of experts, can interact in 29+ languages, has a 94.7% F1 score (SNLI) in intent detection and has already completed 10 million conversations to date. With Stella, United We Care aims to provide a holistic cycle of care with powerful tools that help with Screening, Clinical Management, Self-management, and relapse management. While Stella assists users, it will also be crucial in improving efficiency and reducing the burden on mental healthcare experts, thus making room for more patient care.