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Women on the Rise – Investor Study from FinEdge unveils 71% Women Stayed Invested for Over 5 Years, 39.3% Start Investing in Their 20s, 44% of Women Prioritize Retirement  

  • 41% of New Investors at FinEdge in 2023 Were Women, Redefining Financial Landscape
  • 44% of Women Prioritize Retirement, 35% Focus on Children’s Education Goals
  • 39.3% of Women Start Investing in Their 20s, 41% Begin in Their 30s
  • 71% of Women Investors Stay Invested for Over 5 Years
  • Women’s Average Monthly SIP Investment at Rs. 14,347, Surpassing Men

FinEdge, India’s leading tech enabled investment management company, conducted an in-depth study among 4,351 women clients from the age bracket of 23 to 64 years in March 2024 on the occasion of International Women’s Day.

As the corporate arena witnesses a surge in successful women, a notable paradigm shift emerges in the financial landscape. FinEdge unveils compelling insights from its latest study, indicating a growing trend of financial awareness and independence among women post 2020. In 2023, a significant 41% of new investors at FinEdge were women, signifying a growing trend of financial awareness and pursuit of independence among women.

Mr. Harsh Gahlaut, CEO, FinEdge said, “We are happy to see women taking charge of their financial future with such determination and foresight. It is evident from the study that women are not only investing more, but they are also investing smarter. By allocating a higher percentage of their monthly income towards their financial goals, women are taking proactive steps towards securing their financial future and achieving long-term success.”


Goal Priorities

Goal-based investing has emerged as a focal point for women investors, with retirement and children’s education taking precedence. A staggering 44% prioritize retirement planning, while 35% earmark funds for their children’s education. Additionally, 27% prioritize their children’s marriage goal, underlining the multifaceted financial planning approach adopted by women.


Women as Early Investors

Contrary to conventional wisdom, women exhibit a proactive approach to investing, with 39.3% initiating investments in their 20s and another 41% commencing in their 30s. This early start underscores the significance of investing awareness among young women, setting a solid foundation for achieving long-term financial goals.

Resilient & Goal-Focused  

A resilient cohort, 71% of women investors at FinEdge demonstrate steadfast commitment, staying invested for over five years. Their ability to remain focused on long-term goals amidst market volatility reflects a disciplined investment mindset, driven by purpose rather than impulsive decisions influenced by market noise.


Focused & Disciplined Investors

Women emerge as focused and disciplined investors, with an average SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) amount of Rs. 4,483, surpassing their male counterparts who average Rs. 3,992. This disciplined approach underscores women’s dedication to realizing important financial milestones in their lives.


Women Invest More for their Goals

In addition to higher average monthly investments, women allocate more funds towards their goals, with an average monthly SIP investment of Rs. 14,347, compared to Rs. 13,704 for men. This revelation challenges traditional assumptions, highlighting women’s proactive stance towards securing their financial future.

As International Women’s Day approaches, FinEdge’s findings underscore the growing influence and financial acumen of women investors. The survey encapsulates a diverse spectrum of women investors, providing valuable insights that redefine the narrative surrounding women’s role in financial markets.


The study was conducted by FinEdge in the month of March this year. The sample is comprised of 4,351 women clients of FinEdge from the age bracket of 23 to 64 years. The study includes clients from across the region ranging from the West, East, North and South.

About FinEdge

FinEdge came into existence in the year 2011 to solve the core problem of the “investment gap” in India. It is a tech-enabled wealth management and goal planning platform. The platform is the first in the country to deploy goal-based investing as a BIONIC business model. FinEdge ensures that they reach demographics and geographies, and provide a convenient, low-cost – high-quality, process-driven, goal-oriented, wealth creation platform to their clients. By Keeping their objective of ‘Investing with Purpose’ at the center of their strategies, they have created a vast network of clients across 76 countries and 1600 cities.