10 Tech-driven startups to keep an eye in 2024

At the forefront of technology discussions is a paradigm shift, exerting profound influence on crucial economic sectors including autonomous vehicles, robotics, smart homes, medical devices, cleantech, fintech, and energy efficiency. Every facet of our modern society and economy hovers on the edge of transformative disruption. Brace yourself for an imminent wave of innovation, driven by visionary entrepreneurs and groundbreaking technologies. These ventures are poised to tackle our most intricate challenges, promising an unparalleled economic, business, and social transformation. This technological revolution not only democratizes venture initiation and capital acquisition but also empowers entrepreneurs to wield efficiency in their operations. Advanced technologies emerge as indispensable differentiators, affording companies a strategic advantage and fostering exponential growth in this dynamic landscape.

Discover these groundbreaking tech startups that have the potential to revolutionise your lifestyle and enhance your daily experiences.

1.Intugine- Intugine, specialising in real-time supply chain visibility, offering an all-encompassing platform to digitize and optimize logistics operations. Tailored for businesses in manufacturing, shipping, retail, and quick commerce, their suite of SaaS products delivers a unified solution for effortlessly tracking assets across diverse transportation modes. Intugine’s innovations play a pivotal role in enhancing supply chain efficiency, minimizing operational inefficiencies, and reducing logistics costs. Designed to meet the distinctive requirements of manufacturers, shippers, retailers, and e-commerce entities, their comprehensive platform facilitates the seamless digitization of logistics functions. With an extensive network of strategic partnerships, Intugine collaborates with over 200 carriers, 700 courier partners, and 200 GPS providers, ensuring flawless connectivity and operational excellence.

Visit :-https://intugine.com/

2. Praan- Praan, an innovative deep tech startup, employs cutting-edge patent-pending technology to capture particulates and carbon dioxide from ambient air without the need for filters. Leading the air purification industry, Praan introduces the advanced MK II device cluster, revolutionizing air quality in existing factories. This groundbreaking technology boasts near-zero maintenance costs, high-volume purification, and material reusability, significantly enhancing compliance scores. With a mission to democratize access to clean air, Praan’s MK II stands as the world’s most advanced filterless system, offering businesses a cost-effective and efficient solution to elevate air quality standards.

Visit :- https://praan.io/

3.Gullak- Gullak Gold+ offers a distinctive investment opportunity, assuring individuals an additional 5% Gold annually in addition to an average 11% annual Gold return. Gullak revolutionizes savings through a 100% secure automated system, simplifying the process of saving small amounts daily and investing in wealth-generating assets like gold to achieve long-term financial goals. Positioned as a catalyst for change in finance, Gullak is dedicated to empowering the next 100 million Indians with innovative investment solutions. Boasting a current Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) of $1.5 million, Gullak has garnered significant attention, particularly with its latest offering, Gullak Gold+.

Visit :-https://gullak.money/

4.Riskcovry- Riskcovry is a creative  insurance solution that utilises technology to enhance and simplify the insurance experience. With a mission to provide hassle-free access to the right coverage, Riskcovry stands out as a game-changer in the industry. By consistently pushing the boundaries of the insurance sector and seamlessly blending innovation with practicality, Riskcovry is committed to offering future-ready risk management and insurance services.

Visit :-https://riskcovry.com/

5. Sensegrass- Sensegrass is a precision agriculture startup that combines IoT, data analytics, and agronomy to optimise farming practices. Their platform helps farmers make data-driven decisions, leading to increased crop yields and sustainable agriculture practices.Sensegrass contributes to the advancement of agriculture by providing farmers with the tools and insights needed to improve efficiency and sustainability in their operations.

Visit :-https://sensegrass.com/

6.CarbonCure- CarbonCure is a cleantech startup addressing carbon emissions in the construction industry.Their technology injects recycled carbon dioxide into concrete, reducing the carbon footprint of construction projects without compromising the structural integrity of the material.CarbonCure’s innovations contribute to the sustainability of the construction industry, offering a viable solution to one of the major contributors to carbon emissions.

Visit :-https://www.carboncure.com/

7.Haptik- Haptik is an AI-driven conversational platform enabling businesses to create and deploy chatbots for customer support and engagement.Their technology leverages natural language processing and machine learning to enhance customer interactions and streamline communication processes.Haptik’s platform empowers businesses to provide more personalised and efficient customer support, fostering better relationships and improving overall customer satisfaction.

Visit :-https://www.haptik.ai/

8.Ather Energy– Ather Energy is an electric vehicle startup that focuses on smart electric scooters.Their products integrate cutting-edge technology to provide a connected and eco-friendly commuting experience.Ather Energy contributes to the shift toward sustainable transportation by offering electric vehicles with advanced features and performance.

Visit :-https://www.atherenergy.com/

9.Blueshift- Blueshift is a marketing automation platform that leverages AI to deliver personalised and targeted marketing campaigns.Their technology enables businesses to engage customers more effectively by tailoring marketing messages based on individual preferences and behaviors.Blueshift’s platform helps businesses drive better results in the competitive digital landscape by optimising the delivery of marketing content.

Visit :-https://blueshift.com/

10.Uniphore-Uniphore is a conversational AI platform that focuses on voice and speech recognition technology.Their solutions find applications in customer service, sales, and support, enabling businesses to enhance customer interactions through natural language processing.Global Impact: Uniphore’s innovations contribute to breaking down language barriers and improving communication on a global scale, making technology more accessible and inclusive.

Visit :-https://www.uniphore.com/

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