Companies that can help your company on the pathway to Net Zero

As the global economy pivots towards sustainability, businesses face mounting pressure to align with net zero emissions targets. In this dynamic landscape, the emergence of innovative platforms offers a glimmer of hope, providing strategic guidance and practical solutions for companies embarking on their journey towards carbon neutrality. In this article, we are showcasing some players or platforms at the forefront of innovation, providing strategic guidance and practical solutions for companies embarking on their journey towards carbon neutrality.

1.  Tata Solar – Harnessing Renewable Energy:



Tata Solar offers a comprehensive suite of renewable energy solutions to power your company’s journey towards net zero emissions. With their expertise in solar power generation and innovative technologies, Tata Solar enables businesses to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and transition towards clean, sustainable energy sources. By integrating Tata Solar solutions, your company can significantly decrease its carbon footprint while simultaneously cutting energy costs in the long run.


2. KarbonWise: A ‘Co-pilot’ in the pathway to net zero carbon emission


KarbonWise serves as a ‘Co-pilot’ to enterprises on their net zero journey. It brings together the best in climate science, technology, and industry expertise to facilitate comprehensive solutions across the end-to-end decarbonization journey. Their platform and services encompass measurement, strategy development, carbon reduction planning, and simplified reporting compliant with global ESG standards. KarbonWise’s commitment to making a significant global impact underscores its specialization in sectors such as construction, pharmaceuticals, and financial services, offering tailored solutions to address specific industry challenges. Partnering with KarbonWise ensures access to extensive experience, a customer-centric approach, and a diverse team with expertise in technology, consulting, and climate science. KarbonWise believes that sustainability is essential for long-term business success and aims to catalyze a sustainability revolution transcending borders, driving positive change for future generations.

3. Nepra – Revolutionizing Sustainable Waste Management


Nepra Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. stands as India’s leading waste management company, founded in 2006 with a mission to address social and environmental challenges. Operating PAN India with 5 Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and an operating capacity of 560 Metric Tonnes Per Day (MTPD), Nepra strives towards achieving “Zero Waste to Landfill” and “Closing the Loop”, promoting a circular economy. Through its inclusive model, Nepra creates socio-economic and environmental impacts, helping communities and organizations become sustainable, efficient, and organized. One of its initiatives, “Let’s Recycle”, a social enterprise operational since 2012, focuses on dry waste management & recycling, with services designed around PEOPLE, PROCESS, and INFRASTRUCTURE, utilizing tech-driven systems and state-of-the-art technology at Material Recovery Facilities to ensure proper waste loop closure.

4. EVage- Driving Towards Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Evage specializes in developing safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible mobility solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses. From delivery vans and ambulances to food trucks and transfer vehicles, Evage’s purpose-built solutions prioritize sustainability without compromising on performance or safety. By incorporating Evage’s sustainable mobility solutions into your company’s operations, you can reduce reliance on fossil fuel-dependent transportation systems and make significant strides towards achieving net zero emissions goals. With a commitment to being people-positive, planet-positive, and profit-positive, Evage is dedicated to setting the highest standards in automotive design and promoting a sustainable future for all.