Empowering Global Growth: Top 5 Companies Shaping the Future of the Private Market Sector

In recent years, the global private market sector has experienced remarkable growth, reflecting a dynamic shift in investment strategies towards more private transactions. With the market’s value surpassing $7.3 trillion in 2020 and projected to reach an impressive $14.2 trillion by 2026, the sector is experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.2%. This upward trajectory is even more pronounced within the private equity market, which stood at $4.74 trillion in 2021 and is expected to exceed $8.6 trillion by 2025, showcasing a CAGR of 14.4%. The venture capital market, not to be left behind, valued at $392 billion in 2023, is anticipated to grow to $594 billion by 2026. This expansion is fueled by several factors, including low-interest rates, ample investor capital, and significant technological innovations, particularly in high-growth sectors like technology and healthcare. The average valuation of private equity companies is projected to increase from $3.7 billion in 2022 to $4.5 billion by 2025, while the number of venture capital-backed companies achieving “unicorn” status is on the rise, indicating a robust and burgeoning industry.

Amid this flourishing landscape, several key players have emerged as pivotal forces, shaping the future of the global private market sector through innovation, strategic investment, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. These companies, including Oxane Partners, Motilal Oswal Private Equity (MOPE), IDFC, Accel Partners, and Barclays, have made significant contributions to the sector’s growth and evolution. By enhancing market transparency, providing cutting-edge platforms, services, and technologies, and facilitating streamlined processes for market participants, they have not only propelled their own growth but have also played a crucial role in the overall expansion of the global private market. Each of these organizations brings a unique set of resources, expertise, and strategic approaches to the table, ranging from technological innovations to specialized investment strategies in high-growth sectors. As the private market sector continues to evolve, these leading companies are well-positioned to drive further growth, unlocking new opportunities for global investors and companies alike.


1- Oxane Partners-

Oxane Partners (“Oxane”) plays a pivotal role in enhancing the private market sector on a global scale as it is a global management consulting firm and technology-driven solutions provider for the private market industry. They are revolutionizing the way investment firms and banks analyze and manage their investments, offering compelling solutions to industry challenges. Their proven track record is evidenced by over $400 billion in notional value for over 100 clients, spanning global investment banks, private credit, private equity, hedge funds, and alternative asset managers. With offices in Gurgaon, Hyderabad, London and New York, their team of 250+ professionals supports clients in more than 20 geographies worldwide. playing a pivotal role in enhancing the private market sector on a global scale.

2-Motilal Oswal Private Equity-

Motilal Oswal Private Equity (MOPE) is an India-focused private equity firm that primarily invests in mid-market companies across various sectors such as consumer, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. The primary focus is investing in mid-income residential projects of these developers. MOA has expertise across all investment structures (equity, structured equity, mezzanine debt, senior debt) and across all asset classes (residential, commercial and retail). A sound and robust investment strategy, along with hands-on approach of asset management has helped deliver consistent and superior performance to investors over the years.

3- IDFC-

IDFC (Infrastructure Development Finance Company) is primarily an Indian financial institution that focuses on financing and promoting infrastructure projects in the country. As one of India’s top financial institutions, IDFC offers a variety of services, including financing and developing infrastructure. It is one of the most trusted companies, offering a deep engagement model that seeks to institutionalize family-owned businesses, develop strategies to help these companies achieve transformational growth, and implement systems for sustained success that facilitate a profitable exit within a 4-6 year timeframe. IDFC is a pioneering private equity investor in several businesses, ranging from healthcare to clean energy.

4- Accel Partners-

Accel, formerly known as Accel Partners, is an American venture capital firm that operates within the private market sector on a global scale. The company invests in early-stage and growth-stage companies across different sectors, providing them with the financial support needed to grow and scale their businesses. By backing innovative startups with strong potential, it contributes to the development of new technologies and business models, driving progress in various industries. Beyond financial investment, it provides strategic guidance and operational support to its portfolio companies. This assistance helps startups navigate challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and build sustainable businesses.


Barclays, a British universal bank, provides support to consumers and small businesses through its retail banking services, as well as to larger businesses and institutions through corporate and investment banking services. It stands as a significant global financial services provider, encompassing retail banking, credit cards, corporate and investment banking, and wealth management.

In a bid to raise capital privately and sidestep direct equity investment from the UK government, which was being offered to bolster its capital ratio, Barclays held firm to the belief that maintaining independence from government intervention was in the best interests of its shareholders.

The aforementioned companies have made crucial contributions to the tremendous expansion and evolution of the global private market industry. These companies have improved transparency in the market while also offering innovative products, platforms, and technologies that simplify procedures for players in the private market. Every participant contributes different resources and experience to the table, ranging from promoting entrepreneurial innovation to changing investment analysis. These powerful organizations are in a position to propel more expansion as the private market environment develops, opening doors for global investors and companies.


Source: PR Agency