Platforms to use by content creators to fight against data piracy in India

India’s GDP now depends heavily on the content creation economy, which is indicative of the country’s digital transition. India’s media and entertainment sector, which includes content generation, is expected to grow to $55 billion by 2024, according to a KPMG analysis. Even with this expansion, piracy remains a serious risk and costs a lot of money. According to an Ernst & Young report, piracy costs the Indian film business alone almost $2.8 billion a year. It is essential to utilize platforms that have strong anti-piracy mechanisms in place. Through the use of these platforms, artists are able to protect their earnings and maintain the value of their intellectual property, which will guarantee continued expansion of India’s rapidly growing content creator sector.


Here are some of the platforms that content creators can use to stop piracy. Hope you find the details useful and will consider the press note for your esteemed publication.

VdoCipher – More than 10,000 content producers are served by VdoCipher on more than 3,000 video platforms in 120 countries. Their product’s distinctive selling point is its smooth integration of video piracy security and DRM technologies, which has revolutionized the video business by raising the bar for simplicity and speed. It makes high-end security and playback quality more widely available, which was previously restricted to services like Netflix. This enables websites and applications of all sizes to efficiently protect their content. Their method is significant because it guarantees content creators’ credit retention in the event of piracy, giving them confidence and acknowledgment for their efforts. They want to give artists and creators the confidence to share their work without worrying about it being pirated by seeing the internet as a safe haven for high-quality information. Their goal is to transform video playback technology and create an online community that is richer in content, encouraging contributors to create great material and making them feel appreciated. This will help to overcome premium video artists’ reluctance to share their work online.


BytesCare -BytesCare is a trailblazing organisation that ensures authenticity, defends intellectual property, and guards digital frontiers. Their foundation is rooted in a passionate commitment to protect the digital ecosystem against counterfeiting, piracy, and impersonation. The founders saw a safer atmosphere that would benefit both consumers and creatives, and this concept drove them. By using state-of-the-art technology and unrelenting dedication, the technology works to preserve the integrity of digital content, giving consumers and artists the confidence to navigate the digital world. BytesCare promotes innovation upholds a culture of honesty and trust in the digital sphere and advocates for digital rights.


Aiplex – AiPlex, renowned as India’s pioneering antipiracy entity, boasts over 12+ years of unparalleled domain expertise. Over this period, it has diligently executed the removal of infringed content from diverse platforms. With a track record of verifying over a million URLs and identifying counterfeit websites, AiPlex has emerged as a trusted partner for more than 200+ content owners, offering robust content protection solutions. Through its steadfast efforts, AiPlex continues to uphold its commitment to combating piracy and safeguarding intellectual property rights, solidifying its position as a leader in the antipiracy domain.


Source: PR Agency