Quick Commerce Startups Redefining Customer Delight Through Innovation and Technology

In the dynamic realm of India’s retail industry, Quick Commerce (Q-commerce) has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the conventional norms of last-mile delivery. With the modern lifestyle demanding swift access to products, Q-commerce has gained considerable traction. The amalgamation of disruptive technology, data-driven logistics, and a growing consumer base has propelled the swift rise of startups dedicated to meeting these evolving demands. As the demand for on-demand services continues to rise, we explore three upcoming Q-commerce startups that are utilizing advanced algorithms and new-age technology to combine the agility, efficiency, and innovation steering this dynamic sector ahead in India.

Froker: Froker is the world’s first quick commerce platform that is utilizing the power of social media along with AI to not only revolutionize the customer experience but to generate a positive influence on merchants as well. With the current focus on food delivery, Froker integrates a Gen AI-driven social media platform where domain experts and content creators can showcase and share insights about high-quality products. Customers can use this content to get authentic suggestions while also earning discounts. This Bangalore-based startup aims to cultivate an environment of informed buying amongst the users by creating a trust-based system through personal recommendations and reviews. Froker app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


Gobillion: Gobillion aims to recreate the in-person shopping experience in the online realm, focusing on enjoyment, captivation, and building trust with the customers. Its unique “Team Buy” model enables customers to form groups with friends and family for joint online purchases, fostering trust through community engagement and offers savings on daily essentials. Available on Google Play Store, It offers a diverse range of products, including daily necessities, home decor, and apparel, serving 400 million customers in Tier 1-4 cities and towns across India.

KisanKonnect: KisanKonnect operates as a farmer producer company, utilizing an integrated farming approach to provide fresh and hygienic fruits, vegetables, and quality goods sourced from over 500 local farms. This blend of traditional farming and modern technology ensures fair prices and swift delivery to customer’s doorstep. Focusing on sustainability, KisanKonnect employs a supply chain model that enables prompt delivery of the fresh produce within a day. Available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store, The platform also incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure the availability of highly nutritious and economically viable fresh fruits and vegetables, contributing to immune system support.

Source: PR Agency