Top 4 Indian Sports Tech Startups to Lookout For in 2024

In a world where technology continues to redefine the way we approach sports, innovative startups are emerging to revolutionize the industry. From advanced analytics to cutting-edge wearable devices, these companies are at the forefront of transforming how athletes train, perform, and engage with fans. Whether you’re an athlete looking to enhance your performance or a fan seeking immersive experiences, these companies are shaping the future of sports technology and redefining the way we play, train, and experience sports.


Here are four top Sports Tech Startups you should keep an eye on in 2024:


Stupa Sports Analytics: Stupa Sports Analytics is a platform that specializes in data-driven sports performance analysis. It utilizes advanced AI algorithms and machine learning to analyze the game, helping players and coaches improve their performance. Founded in 2020 by Megha Gambhir and Deepak Malik, Stupa Sports Analytics, a Sports tech company, is transforming sports management through digitization and leveraging cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) for data extraction and broadcasting. In an era where technology shapes the future of sports,  Stupa is helping sports federations fill the gap in their data management and monetization of their content through OTT. Stupa has collaborated with 15+ global sports federations including the European Table Tennis Union(ETTU), World Table Tennis(WTT), International Table Tennis Federation(ITTF), and Ultimate Table Tennis(UTT).


Game Theory: Game Theory is a sports and tech startup that brings in video-gaming-like experience for real-world sports. Founded in 2018 by Sudeep Kulkarni, Sukrut Gejji, and Saket Gejji, Game Theory manages sports facilities that provide coaching programs to athletes, also offers free rental of badminton and squash equipment, and operates chlorine-tested swimming pools, enabling users to play, learn, and get coached at affordable rates. Game theory assesses a player’s skill level through video recording and analysis of their sporting abilities. Subsequently, it assists users in locating players who share their skill level in a specific sport. Presently, it provides athletic matchmaking services for badminton, swimming, and squash.


Footrax: Footrax is a sports technology company offering innovative solutions to the sports industry. Founded by Kushal Rathore and Chintan Lodha in 2017, Footrax assists grassroots-level players, emerging talents, sports teams, athletes, and coaches in enhancing their performance through wearable devices and mobile applications that analyze and track player performance. Footrax’s wearable device enables players to access information such as heat maps, acceleration, distance covered, top speed, and average speed. Footrax is introducing wearable sports technology to young children at an affordable price range, making it accessible at their schools, academies, or for amateurs playing for leisure and fitness at nearby turfs on a pay-and-play basis.


Hyperlab: Hyperlab, a sports tech startup founded by Hitarth Parikh and Chahil Patel in 2022, has developed a unique device called Helios, utilizing a laser pointer to assist athletes and fitness enthusiasts in enhancing their performance by measuring their strength, reflexes, and stamina. Through the utilization of real-time analytics and innovative laser projection technology, Helios provides athletes with a unique and dynamic training experience. Athletes can personalize their workouts, monitor their progress, and maximize their potential through precise drills and analytics. Helios helps athletes elevate their fitness levels by engaging in specially tailored workout routines and sports activities such as football, badminton, and basketball, with preset options conveniently accessible through the Hyperlab app.

In an era where technology is reshaping the landscape of sports, these sports tech startups are contributing significantly to the growth of the sports tech industry. Offering innovative solutions such as advanced sports analytics, wearable devices, and immersive training experiences, these companies are not only revolutionizing how athletes approach their sport but also enhancing how fans engage with their favorite teams and players. By improving the performance and experience of athletes, coaches, and fans alike, these startups are playing a crucial role in shaping the future of sports technology.