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The Next Frontier: How EV Startups Are Pushing the Boundaries of Battery Technology

By Dr. Nishant Dongari, Founder, PURE EV The growing awareness of the danger of climate change has propelled the world towards sustainable options and practices, primarily in transportation. Fossil fuel-based locomotives are the most significant cause of carbon emissions. Electric vehicles have gained immense attention for their positive impact on the environment. The government has rolled out policies and benefits to generate awareness and support greater EV adoption. Electric vehicles have revolutionized the way we travel. Electric vehicles are a growing technology, and organisations worldwide are developing technology to enhance...

Top 5 Electric Scooter Brands in India for Youngsters

In recent years, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in the adoption of electric scooters, particularly among the young generation. Fueled by a collective consciousness towards environmental sustainability and a desire for efficient urban commuting, the demand for electric two-wheelers has skyrocketed. Embracing this trend are several visionary brands, each pioneering the e-mobility revolution with innovative and eco-friendly offerings. Let’s take a closer look at the Top 5 Electric Scooter Brands in India, tailored specifically for youngsters seeking reliable, performance-oriented, and sustainable electric mobility solutions. These brands have not only...

Looking for ways to beat daily traffic woes? Here are some quick and sustainable options’

As offices across the country are increasingly going back to the on-site work model and asking their employees to come to office on all five days of the week, traffic woes have emerged as working professionals’ biggest concerns! With heavier traffic during peak hours it gets very challenging for people to reach office on time especially when they are driving a four wheeler to work or taking an Uber/Ola ride. People end up wasting a lot of time on the road and this can not only be tiresome and tedious...
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