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G20 Summit: Global Leaders Converge to Address Cryptocurrency Clarity, Education Collaboration, and Real Estate Sustainability

As the world eagerly awaits the G20 Summit in 2023, key stakeholders from various sectors are expressing their expectations and hopes for the outcomes of this significant global event. As global leaders come together to address these critical issues, we can anticipate significant developments that will impact these industries on a global scale. The world is watching as nations strive for transparency, cooperation, innovation, and inclusivity in their pursuit of a more secure, harmonized, and prosperous future. Here, we gather insights from prominent voices in the fields of cryptocurrency regulation,...

How G20 can address global issues and help India in its development journey?

By Sandeep Chachra   Like most international bodies, the G20 carries with it both hope and cause for concern. While member countries represent 85% of the global GDP and two-thirds of the world population, the G7 nations remain influential. The G7 countries bear the guilt of the most critical global issues, including climate change, the historical crime of colonialism, and the continuing unequal terms of trade.   The transition of the G20 Presidency from Indonesia to India, soon to be followed by Brazil, represented a valuable opportunity for fostering a...