3 Essentials To Leasing Machines For SMEs

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often face financial constraints when acquiring new equipment due to the high upfront costs. Leasing machines provide a lucrative alternative as they enable SMEs to access high-quality equipment without making a significant financial investment upfront.   This practice has become widespread in developed countries, and Asia Pacific leads the global machinery leasing market with a 37.3% share, followed by North America and Western Europe. Africa and South America are expected to experience significant growth in this market, with the Middle East and Eastern Europe not...

Three crucial preparatory steps when planning to sell your company!

There is a famous quote by Benjamin Franklin that says, "The best investment is in the tools of one's trade." While an apt statement, there is sometimes an exception to the rule when there is an opportunity to leverage that entails selling your operating company. The general perception of a company selling out is bad financials; however, that may not always be true. On many occasions selling a company may present the best choice on multiple accounts. There are numerous reasons for an entrepreneur to sell their company, such as a...