Fueling Sustainability: Decarbonizing the Oil and Gas Industry

By Navratan Sharma India’s decarbonization journey is ambitious yet pragmatic, – and the country has rightly emphasized the necessity of enabling energy transition in tandem with energy security. Now, with electricity consumption set to increase at least three times the per capita levels of 1255 kWh, as of 2021-22, investing in a robust energy infrastructure is imperative to combat the growing demand. Specific to the oil and gas sector, the clean energy transition comes with a fair share of challenges – that are indeed opportunities. Globally, energy transition will require...

Digitalization Done Right for the Hydrocarbons Industry

By Ashwin Raikar Industry 4.0 revolution is making a very significant impact on the way companies across the globe carryout their day to day functions. Data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are being employed across a whole spectrum of industries. The expectation of the leadership at companies adopting digitalization is to gain a level-up in efficiency, productivity and safety of their operations. And yet, according to an article published in HBR , companies adopting digital transformation have managed to capture only 31% of the expected revenue lift and only 25%...