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National Education Day 2023: NLB Services

As we celebrate National Education Day in 2023, it is paramount to engage in profound reflection on the state of the Indian educational system under the purview of our government. Education stands as a linchpin for economic growth, talent acquisition, and employability, acting as the crucible that shapes the job market and fuels the critical processes of upskilling and reskilling—indispensable for propelling our nation's progress. Evolving to Address Industry Demands Our contemporary Indian education system finds itself at a crossroads, primarily necessitating realignment with the discerning demands of industry. Recent...

Commentary around World Youth Skills Day I NLB Services

July 15th is celebrated as World Youth Skills Day to recognize the importance of empowering young individuals with essential skills for employment, entrepreneurship, and holistic development. In an era marked by rapid technological evolution and shifting economic landscapes, this day serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of skill development and its transformative potential for the youth. World Youth Skills Day highlights the urgency to invest in youth skill development. Today's global landscape is driven by rapid digital transformation, changing consumer behavior, and evolving economic structures. In this digital...

Top 5 Expectations of women in STEM from Employers 

NTT DATA, a digital business and IT services leader, and NLB Services, a leading technology and digital talent solutions provider, have recently released a comprehensive research report titled "Bridging the Skills Gap – Towards an Equal Workplace” that talks about women in STEM. In India, 62% of employers plan to hire more women working in STEM sectors in the upcoming fiscal year 2023–2024, according to the report. The report also highlights the expectations of women employees enrolled in STEM, highlighting the preferences of both married and unmarried women in each category. The...
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