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Digitization Helps Ch’garh Govt Deliver Citizen Services Efficiently


Government departments in India are often criticized for lack of transparency and slow decision making. The government departments heavily dependent traditional processes, lacks prompt decision making and efficient execution of projects. However, the scene is drastically changing as various state governments are bringing significant changes in the administrative working with the help of technology. 

In a bid to provide better citizen services and bring transparency in the working of the administration, the Chattisgarh government has transformed its administration by digital means. Aiming to reduce the dependency on paper, the government through its body CHiPS has automated document management processes to facilitate faster decision making regarding citizen services in various departments.

The Chhattisgarh government faced significant infrastructure and efficiency challenges due paper-based administrative services. The complex, error-prone and time-consuming workflow made it difficult to provide efficient, transparent, and consistent decisions regarding citizen services. To overcome the challenge, the government established Chhattisgarh Infotech and Biotech Promotion Society (CHiPS) that aims to manage the digital interface between the government and citizens of Chhattisgarh. CHiPS in collaboration with Oracle deployed Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus solution to automate document workflow processes and provide a consistent and transparent decision-making process. 

The WebCenter Suite Plus running on Oracle WebLogic Server with Oracle Web Tier provided a centralized, high-performance, and scalable enterprise content management platform for the state government to maintain documents through a portal and website. Oracle WebCenter Imaging technology helped CHiPS to preserve important documents in a digital form in the centralized, content-management repository. The solution significantly reduced paper and document management costs by US$125,000 in just one year and extended visibility for decision-making processes. It also facilitated collaboration between departments and increased business productivity through seamless access to information enhancing citizen satisfaction.

“With the deployment of Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus and Oracle WebLogic Server, we have reduced our reliance on paper documents by 75 per cent enabling us to save approximately US$125,000 on paper and document management costs in one year and to retrieve documents instantly from the portal,” said Anand Parial, CEO, CHiPS. 

CHiPS used Oracle WebCenter Portal to create a dynamic, secure, and user-friendly, self-service portal to streamline document sharing and collaboration between secretariat officials. By seamlessly integrating data from the centralized content management platform into the portal, CHiPs automated its decision-making workflow for public services. This enabled officials to improve the efficiency of approval processes, and increase transparency in decision-making. 

Leveraging the integrated capabilities of Oracle WebCenter Content and Oracle WebCenter Portal, the government can securely publish public-service-related documents through the portal and website. As a result, officials now instantly retrieve supporting documents online, without the need to physically search for them in the records room. This has increased business productivity, improved service delivery, and cut paper, printing, and storage costs. 

“Oracle’s robust content and business-process-management infrastructure provides citizens and officials with rapid access to information and accelerates decision approvals, such as tenders for joint, public – and private-sector, mining and power-generation projects, enabling the government to achieve its goals for economic development and improved-service delivery,” Parial said. 

Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus’s mobile capability enabled secretariat officials to access documents and grant approval anytime, anywhere by using multiple devices, such as smart phones and iPads. In addition, citizens can also access documents related to decision-making and track the status of a decision from the portal with a single password. 

“Thanks to the flexibility and scalability of the Oracle solution, we can easily roll out the same workflow processes in other offices within the secretariat where automation is required. We would also be very happy to work with other Indian states if they were interested in replicating the benefits we achieved,” Parial added. 

CHiPS selected Oracle WebCenter Suite Plus, Oracle WebLogic Server, Enterprise Edition, and Oracle Web Tier over IBM solutions because Oracle’s solution offered the highest security and most robust features, such as audit trails and personalization. The body went through a tendering process before successfully implementing Oracle solutions within a six-month implementation timeframe. PwC India Pvt Ltd collaborated with Oracle on the project and provided user training and post implementation support for the Oracle solution.

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