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Improving install efficiency while cutting campaign costs by migrating to AppFlyer


Since launching in 2017, ALTBalaji, an India-based online video streaming service of Balaji Telefilms, has doubled its revenues and now sits among India’s top five paid apps (based on rankings on the iOS and Google Play stores).

Currently, ALTBalaji dominates the mass OTT (Over-The-Top) market with numerous hit shows and the world’s most extensive original Hindi content library.

The platform has experienced a sustained phase of stellar growth from its very beginnings and looks set to double its number of subscribers in 2021.



With such massive growth and the commensurate rise in subscription targets, ALTBalaji’s marketing campaigns had to increase in scale, number, and complexity to match.

To more effectively assess marketing outcomes and make informed decisions on how to optimize results, the team needed a trusted and user-friendly mobile measurement partner. The solution needed to capture and analyze data from all sources on one platform and improve the effectiveness of their spend.

ALTBalaji’s marketers also wanted to probe deeper, slicing and dicing its more granular marketing data at their source to extract contextual insights.

Easier access to raw data helped the team in various ways. They were able to enhance their understanding of their viewers, develop highly targeted campaigns, and better calibrate and target their messages. ALTBalaji was looking for additional flexibility and reporting granularity from an MMP.



The ALTBalaji team chose to move back to AppsFlyer as they are a highly recommended partner with a reputation for the trustworthiness of data, flexibility in measuring data inputs, and fraud detection.

The team found working with AppsFlyer easy from the start, with its user-friendly platform offering superior flexibility, allowing the team to map events rather than just non-organic installs.

Crucially, analyzing data in real-time via AppsFlyer was easier and less time-consuming than before.

On-boarding was easy to organize and execute, ALTBalaji enjoyed 1:1 support throughout the process, with minimal disruption on day-to-day marketing operations.

The migration was systematically rolled out over a number of stages, from 10% to 30% and 50%, and finally 100%. That meant ALTBalaji rolled out the version of their app that included the AppsFlyer SDK gradually via the Play Store so that the percentage of users using the AppsFlyer build would increase progressively. Any issues that occurred along the way were handled before the 100% rollout.

Starting from the top paid channels, the migration was painless, with the AppsFlyer team closely supporting at every step in the process. This transition was assisted by timely and relevant guidance from AppsFlyer’s Customer Success Manager.

AppsFlyer’s platform also gave ALTBalaji the flexibility to export and pull raw data reports, including Lifetime Value (LTV) reports such as “Partners by Date.” Other data generated that the team found invaluable included AppsFlyer’s Retention and Loyal User reports.



The impact on installs post-migration was almost immediate, coupled with a rise in spend effectiveness.

The efficiency of ALTBalaji’s installs improved by 24% MoM in the first full month after the migration. In the first two full months after the migration, the app campaign costs were also reduced by 6%, MoM.

ALTBalaji’s decision to move back to AppsFlyer after trying out a different MMP enabled them to drive better marketing efficiency. Additionally, the time savings that resulted in AppsFlyer’s easy-to-use platform allowed the team to focus on growth initiatives for the future.

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