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Why OKRs are Suitable for Remote and Hybrid Teams


The sudden shift to remote work in the wake of the pandemic last year has created both opportunities and challenges for companies. This year many are reimagining policies, strategies, and models to fit a hybrid future. In this context, the Objectives-Key Results or OKR framework has a lot to offer.

The OKR framework is a widely used approach for goal setting, implementation, and measurement of growth in the business world. Market leaders such as Google, Twitter, Spotify, Dropbox, LinkedIn and many others have already deployed the OKR strategy to improve their financial performance. It is also used to achieve other business objectives, like building an engaged and motivated workforce.

We have with us Senthil Rajagopalan, who’s the President and COO at, a specialized HRtech firm which is into OKR, tech consulting and project management and other innovative workplace solutions.

Senthil is a management consultant, OKR Coach and technology expert with over two decades of experience across functions – Sales, Process Consulting, Technology, Customer Management, and Practice Management – and operates from both India and North America. As both a practitioner and consultant, Senthil has developed successful Performance Management systems for large and small clients in a wide variety of organizations, public sector and nonprofit agencies.

He discusses why OKRs can be tremendously effective for remote/hybrid teams and how this technique can keep employees engaged. Senthil further explains how  companies can develop a strategy, communicate and ensure that these conversations are taking place throughout the organization.

He also tells us how hiking helps him unwind and sharpen his concentration and learning about innovative business models during his spare time helps him strategize and solve problems better.

Watch the video to know more.

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