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 5 Upskilling & Reskilling Platforms for Tech Professionals

Every year, about 15 lakh engineers graduate from India. According to Nasscom, India’s tech workforce was around 4.5 million in 2020-21. If the current trend continues, this figure will more than double in the next 3 to 10 years. Keeping this in view, the most appropriate and up-to-date skill sets are required to secure good job opportunities. The upskilling industry is expected to grow even more with the introduction of new technology such as Web 3.0, Metaverse, and Industry 4.0. The effect of the fourth industrial revolution and the pandemic have induced remote and hybrid work models, and have also led to increased digitisation, worldwide. The pace of the upskilling of technical and non-technical professionals to new-age technology courses demonstrates the importance of technology. The future of work is rapidly changing, implying higher demand for professional upskilling.

Learning technical skills aids in increasing workplace productivity. For aspirants who do not have a technical education degree, upskilling and reskilling platforms offer courses for technical acumen. Employees who upskill and re-skill can expand their bandwidth of expertise, allowing them to grow in their careers. This can contribute to future project opportunities at the workplace which will eventually foster the growth of the organization.

Leading platforms to avail upskilling courses are mentioned below


FunctionUp is a cohort-based boot camp, where professionals, as well as freshers, are trained in software development courses, particularly Backend Engineering. The platform offers online live classes, educational content, and training sessions to assist the learners in obtaining top job positions such as Software Developers. They provide up to 50% scholarships to female applicants. They have limited seats with stringent selection criteria. They intend to be the biggest and most progressive coding platform in the country, like a boot camp. FunctionUp believes in “Pay after Placement” and assures tech job packages between 5lakhs to 40lakhs per annum. The educators are from the niche background of IIT, NIT & ISB Alumni, giving them the advantage of providing them with the best and up-to-date knowledge.

Skillslash Academy

Skillslash Academy is an upskilling platform that offers various courses for professionals. This includes courses such as Data Science and AI Learning, Software Development, Cloud Certification, Blockchain, Digital Marketing, and Cybersecurity to name a few. SkillSlash is an upskilling platform that allows candidates to collaborate directly with firms on real-world projects. The courses assist learners to acquire cutting-edge technical knowledge as well as relevant and live work experience. This allows them to develop technical skills and be hired by top businesses and institutions.


Founded in 2015, Learnbay focuses on teaching technologies such as embedded systems, Python, C/C++, data structures and algorithms, and Linux system programming. Their eligibility for enrolling is a minimum of 2 years of experience in the industry. They offer live training with flexible training hours for working professionals. Although it focuses on analytical tool training before moving on to the tools, the course covers the fundamentals of Data Mining, Data Modeling, and Data visualization. In a nutshell, the course teaches students to grasp the evolution and change of analytics from the ground up. In today’s analytical world, the institute has even addressed the necessity of Big Data Education.


Since 2011, AnalytixLabs has been a pioneer in analytics training. As one of the earliest analytical training schools, it has earned a reputation for providing high-quality training from industry professionals. They slowly and steadily progressed to gain the same reputation across India based on their spectacular record and student satisfaction after establishing themselves as the best analytics training institute in Delhi NCR. The faculty members have over 50 years of combined worldwide analytics experience in the domains such as telecommunications, high-tech, retail, banking, risk, and finance, with job experience with leaders such as McKinsey & Co, KPMG, Deloitte, Fidelity, Facebook, and Genpact.

Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy, founded in 2011, has its programs delivered in collaboration with renowned learning partners such as IIM Indore, Shiv Nadar University, and NASSCOM FutureSkills, which are designed to help learners upskill with industry-relevant curriculum content, keep abreast, and get marked. After a decade of successfully building Jigsaw – by assisting freshers as well as working professionals in building their careers and companies in staying current – the team’s merger with UNext in 2021 provided a larger surface to carefully curate industry-relevant expert programs.

In today’s world, processes and technologies are frequently changing to adapt to market dynamics. The annual research report of ‘Upskilling Outlook in India 2022,’ indicates an increase in awareness and desire to upskill in today’s latest technology. In 2022, the intention to upskill has reached an all-time high, with 79 percent of professionals (including aspirants with non-technical backgrounds) intending to do the same. The goal is to raise awareness about upskilling and investing in one’s learning path, which may result in practical advantages. This assists employees in learning new and relevant skills that can be utilized in the tech workplaces.

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