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Higher purpose: How purpose-driven goals will keep employees engaged

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What is, in its true sense, being head and shoulders above the predominant leadership with an advanced purpose? It is frequently too delicate to identify if the big guns of today survive for a determined target for the future. If an employee is the heart of an organization, a leader is the reflection of a thermometer for when disaster strikes. Washington Irving quoted, “Great minds have a purpose, and others have wishes. Little minds are regulated and subdued by mischances, but great minds rise above them.”

The power of a divinely inspired mission gives a deeper sense of meaning to an employee’s role. The business taboo that enthralls an employer-employee relationship at a workplace comes with no fascination that employees who manifest a sense of purpose in their work are happier, healthier, and extensively productive. Hence, elderly leadership must instigate within an employee, belongingness and the tasks that an employee plays and contributes to the organizational success is pivotal to guaranteeing immutability and substantial employee engagement.

  • Surpassing a routine way that dominates the power of an employee to accept a job offer-designation, perquisites, additional compensation, super benefits- an employee loves to associate with an organization whose ethos, mission, and vision are driven by purpose and being invested in them, and the overall company’s success.
  • “What I do and how I perform is counted” raises the sedulousness and bouncebackability within an employee. This not only helps to increase the motivational ranking and solidifies handling expostulations and/or rejections with utmost passion and meaning.
  • Let’s be a part of something bigger or the biggest than ourselves- an employee’s thoughts, considerations, and mission widen up when the team-driven bournes managed by the leaders are illuminated. It opens up the heart and soul of an employee to think out of the box and sets a bequest of forward allowing and positive change.
  • Embodying Inclusion, Diversity, and equivalency at the workplace can register pulse surveys of an employee. What he/she thinks, speaks or imagines, or comprehends views, suggestions, ideas, or improvement plans through focus groups, informal openness, or discussion forums supports a bigger cause for employee engagement.
  • Translucency, open door policy, fairness, and visibility by bringing in the rewards and recognition, award ceremonies, and other performance bonuses programs are other higher purpose-driven means to keep jobholders engaged and boost their morale.

Any financial paradigm shift is not appertained to as bringing a higher purpose-driven association but its further of a zealous nature. The main parameter is to find out about the ferocious analogy between individual and organizational purposes. Why does an employee look for an ulterior motive to be efficacious within an organization? Is it because the impetuous leaders indoctrinated them to perceive this way or denial to walk with them on the bigger path of success?

This verity is yet to be unmasked, though it is imperative to say that any employee in any position who is fulfilled and can find a work-life balance tends to progress briskly and hastily, not forgetting to counterintuitive the bigger aim of the organization. Giving employees a fair chance to reflect on their sense of purpose and how it interacts with this bigger aim of the organization, phenomena can be prognosticated. Motivational bedtime stories, to a larger extent, can be functional but cannot serve the purpose always. The need of the hour is also to control the leadership terrain and be compassionate rather than “whining”. Hence, connecting your particular purpose with work is as inversely important as it is to have food daily.

In a conversation with a gentleman chronicling his work gests, he said, “my work and my job is my pride. If I am unfit to satisfy one of my customers, I don’t feel sleepy.” Upon hearing this, I ask him politely, can we have a quick selfie? His expression was full of curiosity that was fluently visible on his face. I gently regressed, “I love the choices of pronouns he used to describe, “My work, my job, and my customers”. A set illustration of a purpose-driven employee who is ready to take the initiative, and ownership and not work for just a 9-5 sort of arrangement. He believes the organization he is working for has a purpose, and he is a part of it and hence, can inspire others too.

It can go on and on to identify the altitudinous of “purpose”. The ground reality is somewhat different to follow. It is an ultimate duty of an employer to offer meaningful responsibilities and duties to its employees so that they support the real cause and aim of the organization and that they don’t stockpile their enthusiasm, creativity, and determination but rather open up to believe themselves a part to freely move and unleash the positive energies to reach the skies and ultimately the organizational objectives too.


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