From planning to treatment execution, dentistry is driven by modern technology – says Sameer Merchant, CEO, Illusion Aligners

Artificial intelligence is the base of treatment planning, be it orthodontics or any other vertical. In conversation with Sameer Merchant, CEO, Illusion Aligners, we discuss the role of Artificial intelligence and Robotics in Oral treatment, role of technology in changing the face of oral care in the future, trends dominating the dental tech industry in the next five years. We also talk about the kinds of technology services/ products provided by Illusion Aligners to consumers, USP and future plans of the company.


  1. Can you elaborate on technology’s role in dental treatment? How are Artificial intelligence and Robotics helping in Oral treatment?

Technology and dentistry go hand-in-hand nowadays! Right from planning to treatment execution, dentistry gets driven by modern technology.

The most relatable and known technology is the electric toothbrush which is relatable to everyone; the latest introduced technology is augmented reality and genomic data collection to improvise patient care.

Artificial intelligence is the base of treatment planning, be it orthodontics or any other vertical. We, at Illusion Aligners, plan the treatment and visualize the end outcomes and prognosis through AI. Such workflow helps to create acceptance and a positive attitude of patients toward dental treatment, which was not the scene for some years.

Robotics has made the surgical part easy by guiding the incision and sensing the exact anatomy of the tissues. There seems to be a steep fall in surgical failures after robotics have been introduced in dental surgeries.


  1. Throw some light on how technology is going to change the face of oral care in the future.

There was not a very fascinating history of patients with dental treatment until some years ago. But then there has been a growth graph in successful patients’ consents after the advancement of technology and workflow. Modernized processes like artificial intelligence and computer-aided planning let patients see the treatment workflow and outcomes virtually while being comfortable. Thus patients modified their attitude and perspective toward oral health and its importance. There also have been increased walk-ins and trusted inclinations towards dental treatment recently.


  1. Please share the trends that will dominate the dental tech industry in the next five years.

We are living in a generation of 3D workflow, but soon dentistry will take over the 4D work processes and eliminate the steps on trials of dental prostheses. 4D technology will automatically provide the prognosis and suspected discomforts that gradually speed up the treatment phase. There has been a lot of research and development in collecting the elaborative genomic data that will present the pathologies and susceptible dental condition way before its presentation. It will help in patient preventive care.


  1. What are the kinds of technology services/ products provided by Illusion Aligners to consumers?

Illusion Aligners walk parallelly to the latest technology, whether it is treatment planning, fabrication, or designing. We are employing principally artificial intelligence for patients to visualize their treated smile before the treatment starts. It helps as a working template for dentists and assurance for the patients.

Our aligners follow computer-aided fabrication and design, which makes them super precise and comfortable to wear.

Our web portals like iMODIFY let the orthodontists generate the treatment line and templates to guide the dentists by chairside. So we have infused the appropriate and needed advanced technological support in the workflow.


  1. Where do Illusion Aligners operate? Are your services also available outside India? Which countries?

Illusion Aligners is a global manufacturer of Aligners. Though, our head office is in Mumbai, India. It is the only Indian company that is United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) Approved. We are present in more than 50 countries and have touched the milestone of accomplishing 25 thousand cases and five lakhs aligners. The dental solutions from the company have established a base in countries like Dubai, USA, UK, Canada and Singapore. Recently, we have launched an international warranty on aligners for our clients residing out of India. In the near future, we plan to cover the entire globe.


  1. What is the USP of Illusion Aligners? Please share the future plans of the company.

Our workflow and quality itself are the biggest USPs.

Illusion Aligners are ultra-clear, US FDA Approved and made with nontoxic material. Illusion Aligners PRO works 55.55% FASTER than the other aligners. We follow a computer-aided workflow which makes the aligners comfortable and efficient.

Above all these things, We are a doctor-directed company. The orthodontist-approved treatment plan ensures the patients opt for the treatment. We have tied up with over 55,000 dentists in over 50 countries.

Illusion Aligners have already accomplished many goals and plan to bring our latest launch, Social SIX, to streamline dentistry. We are working towards bridging the gap between oral care and dental aligners and trying to make aligners treatment accessible to almost every patient irrespective of their geo-location.

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