Gigzeu, A socio tech platform uplifting Gig Workers by providing right Job Opportunity

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Ms. Pooja Singh Rathore Co Founder , Gigzeu


  1. Please describe your company, its specialization, and the services you offer.

Gigzeu is a socio tech platform and a one-stop solution for all household chores and needs for the consumers, starting from on-demand services and going up to contractual services as well. The leading socio-tech platform bridges the gap between blue collar gig workers and the regular customers seeking for assistance for household chores like maids, dog walkers, old age assistance etc. The gig economy currently poses a lot of issues when it comes to Domestic workers comprise a significant part of the global workforce in informal employment terms of employment, Low wages for excessively long hours. Physical, mental and sexual abuse or restrictions on freedom of movement, Discrimination along the lines of sex, race and caste and lastly no formal banking system applicable for the workers. However, with the use of technology advancements, the Gigzeu application manages daily household chores without any hassle by connecting household customers with domestic workers Instantly or on a Schedule & Contract basis. Gigzeu is working on formalizing the unorganized domestic work industry & crafting gig work economy disrupting the way demand and supply works in the current market.


  1. Kindly share your point of view on creating a community of domestic Gig Workers

India as a country has more than 10 million domestic workers and has no access to basic living conditions/wages or any sense of financial inclusion. This untapped audience is widely segregated and unshattered and if provided a strategic way forward can be streamlined to boost and contribute to the economic development of India.

In order to avoid exploitation of the gig workers we believe that the voices of the workers should be heard. In order to get this right, it’s important to create policies that represent the rights of the gig workers. Pandemic taught us the importance of life over anything else, however, the gig workers have limited job security whereas most of them are exploited and not even paid wages for their hard work. Additionally, there is no specific infrastructure for creating an ecosystem for gig workers to grow and prosper. Till the time there is no community building in the making and everyone doesn’t understand the challenges faced, it would be impossible to streamline and uplift the economy.


  1. Is there a security mechanism in place to protect the privacy of the users?

Our Gigzeu application has an engaging interface and as per our policies, information shared by any of the parties be it the customer or the gig worker isn’t shared to anyone to maintain the privacy aspect intact.


  1. How Gigzeu is promoting the home service market?

getting a quality supply of providers, ensuring right kind of training and things to work with, and ensuring the compliance of required KPIs are must to promote home service market in india. Customer experience shall be smooth. When we say customers its both ways gig workers & household customers.


  1. What is the reason behind the increasing popularity of on-demand services?

In this fast-paced era, people have started to value time and a deep insight on consumer behavior and patterns indicate that individuals need services to be provided as fast as possible and the biggest success in today’s day is companies delivering products in 10 minutes. Therefore, providing services at the right time and as fast as possible has emerged as the need of the hour for companies to be a success. The change in consumer behavior and the dependency of technology has given rise to on-demand services. Consumers can place their requests and through the help of technology, they are suggested the best matches according to their preference and filters. The consumers can then select the right person for the job basis their filtered process and the services will be available within an hour at max. The growth of on-demand service has filled a wide gap that was previously impossible to fill and has also saved a lot of hassle in finding the right person. The popularity of on-demand services is increasing due to their capacity to cater to every financial segment of society. Moreover, this also brings financial flexibility for people, and that is achieved by serving as an on-demand staff. Working officials are usually busy during the work week and can enjoy these services while saving a lot of time for themselves. The on-demand service has filled a wide gap that was previously possible with a large paycheck and has also saved a lot of hassle in finding the right person.


  1. What makes your company unique among competitors?

One of our specialties and differentiator is the fact that unlike other competitors in the market, we are the only players providing ‘On-Demand’ services for customers. Our Gigzeu mobile application manages daily household chores without any hassle by connecting household customers with domestic workers. Gigzeu can be perceived as a localized job portal for domestic workers which will connect them to nearby customers). It is India’s first On-Demand mobile application for domestic workers. Our services include providing domestic workers like cooks, and domestic helps within 1 hour of booking. We promise safety and health both for our customers & GiG workers. We want technology to connect the Gig Worker to the customer to ensure a win-win for all. That is why we have developed processes and features to ensure customers & Gig workers face no issues.


  1. What is your outlook on the company and the industry in the future?

Maximising customer expectations while managing unit economics is as critical customer expectations can be far more nuanced and standardized service delivery that much harder to both define and deliver proper training and certifications, along with effective marketing of these initiatives, are a must to bring greater customer traction and loyalty.

We want to expand to Delhi/NCR in the next 2 year with a customer size of more than 10K & registered gig workers size of more than 15K.

On-demand home services market is projected to reach a size of US$ 1.6 trillion globally by 2024, indicating a growing interest from both startups and established players. In comparison, the market size of Indian home services industry as a whole is currently projected at US$ 100 billion, with an average annual spend of Rs 25,000 per household every year. The online home services market on the other hand is pegged at around US$ 200 million in 2019, and growing at around 100% annually.

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