Mr. Dinesh Semwal, Founder, Ensavior Technologies talks about the Indian HVAC industry & the way for the future

  1. Could you please tell us about your company and what different engineering domains you provide services in?

 We are a leading company in the Indian HVAC industry and we offer high-grade products and professional engineering expertise to our clients. We offer a host of products and services in Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning (HVAC), Public Health Engineering (PHE), Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and Fire to major contractors and corporate entities, further contributing to the creation of airports, office complexes, IT parks, trade centres, etc

In our career span, we have aided prestigious projects including the Supreme court, Parliament House, ITPO, Delhi International airport, Delhi Metro, Jaipur Metro, Lucknow Metro, Kolkata Metro, India International convention centre, Maruti Suzuki, IDBI Bank, Lodha Group, Tata, Sify and DLF. We also have international clients including Westin, Coca-Cola, Qualcomm, Amazon, and Google. Our team comprises competent and passionate professionals who are constantly searching for new innovative product solutions.


2. What are the biggest challenges you see in this category?

Supply chain bottlenecks are where we face the most hurdles. Besides this, the constant need for cost optimization and operational optimization is a challenge in a volatile economy.

Managing fund flow and cash flow often leads to a constrained R&D budget and there is not enough attention and awareness on the bankers’ and investors’ end to understand the need for business and technologies offered by companies like us to help with the environment’s health.


3. What processes are undertaken to ensure the quality of engineering services?

We follow a results-focused method that involves complete transparency and a client-centric approach. With high-quality, energy-efficient, and sustainable products, we remain one of India’s leading HVAC companies.

We make sure that we stay ahead of the curve, and stay up-to-date on all the latest sustainable solutions to provide our clients with the most effective solutions. Since we strive to be as energy efficient as possible, we are constantly thinking, advising, and engaging with our clients in a way that promotes these values.


4. How had the Covid pandemic affected your business productivity?

The pandemic years were difficult for us as were for so many sectors of the industry. With the return to the new normal now we are focusing on deploying solutions to the problems and streamlining our business in cognizance of the new challenges as well that arose due to the pandemic.


5. In the post-covid world, what are the major trends that will shape engineering solutions?

One of the key influences of the pandemic was the understanding of air quality, hygiene and sanitation and how it affects our health. While these were facts before as well, the pandemic brought them to the forefront with more and more people taking steps to ensure proper ventilation, sanitation etc.

Use of air filters, getting proper ventilation, regular sanitization and sustainable development are the trends that will continue to shape the engineering solutions in the coming future for not only personal use at an individual level but commercial sectors as well including hospitality.

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