Navigating Success: The Story of iXceed Solutions and Entrepreneurial Insights

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Yogita Tulsiani- Director and Co-Founder of iXceed Solutions. 


Question- Please tell us about the iXceed Solutions

A-  Our primary focus lies in providing top-tier talent and comprehensive digital and enterprise solutions within the realms of technology, IT consulting, and engineering consulting across various sectors. We have solidified our position as a leading European talent solutions provider in the realm of digital transformation. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, our recruitment solutions are designed to offer unparalleled experiences for both our clients and candidates.

As a specialized provider, we offer a range of services including talent services, managed talent solutions, flexible talent  and enterprise solutions. Our expertise in enterprise solutions encompasses AI, machine learning, RPA, BPM, and automation testing solutions, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our clientele effectively and efficiently.


Question- What in your view, constitute the fundamental components necessary for a recruitment process to be deemed successful?

A- Securing and retaining talent stands as a paramount challenge for every organization. With unemployment rates averaging just 4%, as reported by The Office of National Statistics, crafting and executing a robust recruitment strategy becomes imperative. While the process may seem daunting and protracted, it comprises several crucial elements. These include identifying the position, attracting candidates, conducting interviews, and effectively presenting the role, among others. Each step plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the recruitment process and ultimately acquiring the right talent for the organization’s needs.


Question- What inspired you to start your own tech recruitment company?

A-I started my journey in this industry because of the gaps and issues I observed . I realized that technology is reshaping the economy since major players in every industry bank heavily on technology for not only automation but also to introduce process efficiencies and create innovations. There was a massive gap in the technology skill market. People were not getting the right jobs as per their skill set and ability.

Witnessing such a state of affairs, I decided to create valuable relationships for clients and candidates by providing efficient talent solutions.

I’ve always wanted to work for my own self, as I like creativity, freedom and want to explore new things . I also love the challenges that come with entrepreneurship and the joy of success is high. I am interested in creating value to the ecosystem , generate employment and touch peoples lives positively

I always wanted to make an impact. I have always been intrigued by success stories of all the successful entrepreneurs. You see – It’s fascinating how you build something from the scratch to build an empire. It takes a lot of courage, planning, perseverance, hard work, team work, combined with good strategy & execution skills.


Question-Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and directing a company like IXCEED must be demanding. Could you shed some light on how you manage to strike a balance between your professional and personal life?

A-Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and directing a company like IXCEED is indeed demanding, but it’s a challenge I embrace wholeheartedly. My approach involves meticulous planning and prioritization. I carve out dedicated time for both my professional commitments and family responsibilities, ensuring neither aspect of my life is neglected. Delegation is key; I entrust capable members of my team with tasks, allowing me to focus on overarching strategies and goals. Additionally, I prioritize self-care to maintain my well-being and effectiveness in both roles. Clear communication with my team and family helps manage expectations and ensures support from all fronts. It’s a continuous juggling act, but one that I navigate with determination, flexibility, and unwavering commitment


Question-When you’re not busy with work, what activities or hobbies do you enjoy the most? How do you typically spend your weekends?

A-During my leisure time, I prioritize spending quality moments with my family, immersing myself in nature through outdoor activities, and indulging in creative pursuits like painting. On weekends, I focus on relaxation, whether it’s through yoga, reading, or enjoying brunch with loved ones, to rejuvenate for the week ahead.


Question-In your opinion, what do you anticipate the future holds for tech recruitment?

A- Well the future of recruitment is all about technology and making the strategies according to that. The recent developments in technology like GenAI, AI, ChatGPT 4 that forces HR  to change their strategies and it will help in saving time and many more.


Question- In your experience, what are the top three traits or qualities that aspiring entrepreneurs should possess to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape?

A-I believe that every aspiring entrepreneur should possess qualities such as- passion, hard work , self-belief  . I strongly believe that a good leader inspires their team to achieve success collectively.