OneRare: Meet the world’s first food metaverse

A first-of-its-kind NFT economy game, OneRare, cofounded by Supreet Raju and Gaurav Gupta, collaborates with celebrity chefs, iconic restaurants, popular cooking shows and food brands to mint NFTs of their iconic dishes, and is bringing the global food industry to Web3. Ms Supreet Raju, Co-Founder OneRare, shares more insights on the same

How Blockchain Technology is Helping in Building FoodVerse in India
Blockchain is one of the most powerful modern technologies available to us today. At OneRare, we are using Web3 to propel the traditional Food & Beverage industry and usher in new marketing and monetisation models. Our Foodverse leverages blockchain to create Food NFTs, community-owned experiences, bring authenticity and traceability to food ordering, and allow Chefs & Food Brands to engage with global audiences. We are building on the Polygon chain and utilise their low transaction fees to encourage more first-time users and grow this new concept in India.

How NFT is Revolutionizing and Creating a Better Future for Restaurants Businesses across the globe
NFTs enable businesses to create a new customer channel that allows for virtual engagement, loyalty programs, experiences and sentimental keepsakes. An Indian Chef can leverage NFTs to set up a pop-up restaurant experience in Australia. Similarly, an American restaurant can create their virtual restaurant in our Foodverse and offer table reservations using NFTs, that can be redeemed by you or your loved ones. Food businesses can tokenize their iconic recipes, allow patrons to celebrate their favorite dishes, and allow for NFTs to be swapped for real meals and deals. In a B2B environment, NFTs can allow you to expand your business by fundraising via issued tokens, create franchise models and generate global revenue – it’s a relatively new technology and we will be seeing a lot of exploration over the next few years.

Future of FoodVerse in India
India is an integral part of our Foodverse, thanks to the unique regional cuisines and global love for Indian food. Food is an iconic part of every celebration and household in India, and Indians have great loyalty towards their favourite restaurants and food brands. The Global Food Industry is very excited to interact with Indian audiences and I think it will open the path to many new cuisines, restaurants and investments in India. The Foodverse allows users to celebrate the best of Indian cuisine, discover new foods and it will surely strike a chord with the foodie in all of us.


Share a brief about the Collaboration with the renowned Indian Chef- Saransh Golia, and Vicky Ratnani.
Chef Saransh & Chef Vicky are culinary masters in their own right and we have always loved their passion to bring great food to Indians. We are thrilled to partner with them and help them grow their presence in the Foodverse through a unique virtual food experience. Our Chefs will bring their signature recipes and NFTs for blockchain audiences, along with a gamified experience to discover more about their cooking ethos and celebrating food like never before.


How OneRare envisions bringing the Global Food & Beverage Industry to Blockchain
Whether you were born in India or USA, we all love Pizza, Butter Chicken, or Sushi. Food has a magical language of its own and we aim to bring this love to the Foodverse. Our world will feature various zones where users can interact and engage with global food players. We have a Gaming Zone celebrating global cuisines and allowing players to discover top dishes from chefs and restaurants in an immersive gameplay. We are also launching virtual restaurant experiences, membership clubs and special events across other zones. The Global Food and Beverage industry can leverage our foodverse and blockchain tech to discover new marketing channels, create better social experiences for their fans, and open monetisation channels for virtual users.


How OneRare aims to establish the next wave of Blockchain Metaverse in India
While a newbie can be averse to understanding the depths of a new and complicated technology, food can be a familiar environment for learning. We want to leverage Food as an example to teach people about the basics of blockchain – Staking, Smart Contract technology, NFTs and more. It sounds complicated, but if I told you that staking works like a fixed deposit in the bank giving you rewards for locking up your money – it would become easier. In our Farm, you can stake ORARE Tokens to earn rewards that come in the form of Ingredient NFTs. You can then use these Ingredient NFTs to cook up your favorite Dish NFT, which again leverages blockchain like the real world – for once you cook up a dish, you cannot reverse the process in your kitchen. It’s this simplicity that we bring to audiences engaging with blockchain for the first time. We are the world’s first Foodverse and our aim is to build a Web3 project that is accessible and enjoyable at the same time.


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