Rebranding of the company and how it stands out in the e-commerce segment : Sonakshi Nathani, Co-founder and CEO of BIK

In conversation with Sonakshi Nathani, Co-founder and CEO of BIK, we delve deep into the re-branding of Bikayi, strategy for the brand and introduction of their new product line. She shares insights on how BIK is a revolutionary product which has ability to help brands drive higher conversions and increase ROI by 66x through its AI-powered intelligent platform. The article also captures the recent trends being witnessed in customer shopping behaviour and technological advancements.


  1. What products are being introduced with this rebranding, if any? Elaborate on the features.

We have recently introduced our new product line with our rebranding, BIK. It is the most intelligent e-commerce marketing platform helping brands increase their ROI. Our platform enables brands to do personalised marketing delivering higher conversions and driving upto 66x ROI.

The following features are being introduced under BIK:

  • BIK allows marketers to leverage WhatsApp, SMS, email, push notifications and Facebook and Instagram ads.
  • It helps your team convert customer chats to orders.
  • It helps configure e-commerce journeys and automate product discovery and support.
  • BIK Automated Chatbot helps automate conversions and save 100 percent on agents with an intelligent bot that understands the user’s preferences and guides their purchase journey.
  • BIK Growth powers brands with widgets and tools to increase the subscriber base.


  1. Name a few D2C brands which are onboarded with BIK.

BIK is the best suited tool for D2C brands to drive their business towards profitability and higher margins, using conversational marketing. A few D2C brands which are onboarded with BIK includes Bavincis, Cora Health, Bathla Aluminium, Deciwood, Soxytoes, Evolve Snacks, ChocoCraft and Recode Studios.


  1. What led to Bikayi’s partnership with WhatsApp and how is it beneficial to the brands?

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging platforms globally with a high seen rate of 95 percent. Since customers are more likely to respond on WhatsApp, we launched our new marketing platform BIK.

BIK is a powerful marketing tool which aims to revolutionise the way e-commerce brands target, re-engage and manage their customers on WhatsApp, helping them drive higher conversions and increase ROI by 66x through its AI-powered intelligent platform.

Our WhatsApp marketing tool enables brands to target customers through intelligent audience segmentation, pre-designed collection of templates, automated bot messaging and optimising marketing strategy through analytics.


  1. 4. How does BIK stand out in the e-commerce segment? How is it different from Bikayi?

Now-a-days, businesses and e-commerce brands are unable to effectively engage with potential customers through conventional channels such as SMS, emails and ads, as they have lower open rates. With the personalised messaging that BIK provides, there is a 70% higher probability of customers making purchases, thus assisting brands in boosting their sales. In the ever-expanding market, enables brands to gain a higher reach by targeting over 2 billion active WhatsApp users everyday.

One of the biggest strengths of BIK is its ability to re-engage with lapsed customers and encourage them to complete their purchases. Buyers hesitate to make purchases because they lack personal touch with the brands they purchase from. BIK helps brands build connections with customers through personalised messaging and drive customer engagement upto 3x.

While Bikayi as a product serves small and medium businesses, BIK is a high-engagement platform optimised for global usage. It allows brands to go international with cross-country messaging and user-friendly interface. Any brand from any part of the world can now avail of the platform to reach wider audiences with seamless communication.

BIK stands out from other players by building an end-to-end e-commerce solution for brands that leverage engaging channels like WhatsApp, Instagram etc. We help brands right through the e-commerce funnel from acquisition of engaged subscribers to engagement, support and re-targeting. Many existing solution providers either focus just on support use cases or do not provide e-commerce specific deep solutions.


  1. What are some of the trends that you have witnessed in customer shopping behaviour and technological advancements?

With changing trends in customer shopping behaviour and technological advancements, there is a major shift towards conversational commerce. Brands are now using messaging channels to sell directly to customers. Top online brands are witnessed using WhatsApp marketing. In the coming years, consumers are expected to only purchase from brands and products that are selling on WhatsApp, because that’s easier and accessible.

Customers today are looking for relevant recommendations while exploring a brand. Browsing through a large list of generic products or finding the right keywords to search, can be cumbersome in this age of low-attention spans.

With brands today having access to an abundance of user data, they need to find ways to leverage this and provide tailored recommendations to their customers and help them avoid the paradox of too many choices.

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