Serene Envirotech creates breakthrough in the hydrogen healthcare industry

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Dr. Babu Sudhakar, Chairman and Managing Director of Serene Envirotech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


  1. How is Molecular Hydrogen useful

Molecular Hydrogen acts as a potent natural anti-oxidant to neutralize dangerous free radicals in our body cells to prevent oxidative damage to cellular components thereby preventing Oxidative stress.


  1. How is Serene Envirotech bringing change in the hydrogen/health sector

Serene was conceived to cater world-class, cutting-edge technology products and services in the domain of Preventive Healthcare and wellness. For the first time in India, Serene introduced state-of-the-art portable tools – udazH hydrogen inhaler, and Hydrogen water bottles for personal wellness. So people can avail hydrogen health benefits wherever, and whenever they want.


  1. How has Udazh helped in benefitting people’s health

People with varied health issues got benefitted after using our udazH  Inhaler and water bottles. Example: People with COPD, Asthma, and Sleeping disorders, used our udazH inhaler and found significant improvement in their health conditions. People with fatigue, Skin dehydration, acidity, bloating, and Urinary ailments, consumed hydrogen-rich water generated by udazH Hydrogen water bottles got significant health benefits.


  1. What are your views on Oxidative Stress

Human is a multicellular organisms. His health is defined by cellular health. Due to the sedentary lifestyle, and the polluted environment, excessive free radicals are generated in his body cells. These excessive free radicals destroy proteins and DNA – the fundamental structures of the cell that leads to cellular Oxidative stress which is the root cause of many modern diseases like cancer.


  1. What are the products launched by serene enviourtech

udazH – Hydrogen Inhaler

Distilled water and electricity are the only inputs required for using udazh inhaler. SPE-PEM pure water technology with Double side platinum American DuPont membrane for 99.99% molecular hydrogen gas output for inhalation. This molecular Hydrogen gas is used for people who suffer from chronic elements like asthma, COPD, Sleeping disorders, etc.

udazH – Hydrogen water bottles

Normal drinking water is the only input for using charged Hydrogen water bottles. Fill the water, switch it on and it automatically stops after electrolysis. PEM technology with Titanium platinum electrode for quality h2 generation. Fill the water, switch it on and it automatically stops after electrolysis, infusing pure molecular hydrogen into the water you drink.


  1. What are your views on Hydrogen gaining popularity in the Indian health sector

It is almost a year since we launched our Hydrogen health products. Comparatively today there is a lot of improvement in the awareness of Hydrogen healthcare products pan India due to the availability of tons of information online.


  1. Can you share some testimonials on how Udazh has helped people achieve better health

We have compiled valuable feedback from our esteemed customers who used our products varied of different ages and different ailments on our web, please refer to the videos at


  1. How is hydrogen good for skin care

Molecular Hydrogen neutralizes free radicals and converts them into the water, water is a very essential element for Skin hydration and health.  Instill a sense of youthfulness in skin texture and glow due to proper skin hydration. Also prevents and treats cellulite in ageing women.


  1. How does hydrogen affect the human body

Molecular Hydrogen being lighter, a non-polar molecule with its rapid diffusion rate can penetrate easily through cellular membranes and reach the sub-cellular components where its anti-oxidant activity is required.

Molecular Hydrogen is the only antioxidant that can break the blood-brain barrier to reach the brain and is useful to treat neurodegenerative ailments. No commercial anti-oxidant has this property making Molecular Hydrogen a potent anti-oxidant.




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