ServiceNow’s GenAI Innovations: A Peek into the Future of Enterprise Operations

Sumeet Mathur photographed at the ServiceNow campus in Hyderabad, India.

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Sumeet Mathur, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, ServiceNow India Technology & Business Center


  • Can you elaborate on how ServiceNow’s latest Washington, D.C. platform release is revolutionizing the adoption of Generative AI (GenAI) and its impact on enterprise operations?

In 2024, the hype surrounding Generative AI is giving way to practical applications, unlocking its true potential and value for businesses. ServiceNow’s latest Washington, D.C. platform release is transforming the landscape of Generative AI adoption within enterprises by introducing innovative capabilities that embed responsible and intelligent automation directly into the ServiceNow platform. The update focuses on making it easier for teams to manage IT tasks, communicate with virtual agents, and automate processes using AI. By using advanced language models, the platform can understand and explain complex alerts in simple language, helping teams solve problems faster. It focuses on three key aspects:

a.New Features and Responsible AI:

  • Now Assist feature supercharges ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management (ITOM) AIOps solution by leveraging generative AI to accelerate issue resolution. It analyzes alerts helping teams to identify, fix and prevent problems faster.
  • With a domain-specific large language model (LLM), Now Assist ensures productivity and data security, crucial for protecting enterprise operations data.

b. Faster Deployment and Increased Productivity:

  • The platform streamlines the setup and use of GenAI solutions, allowing easy adoption. Features like Now Assist in Virtual Agent automate tasks and streamline workflows, leading to faster issue resolution, AI-powered insights, and increased productivity.
  • The Virtual Agent Designer uses Gen AI to quickly build custom conversational automation, addressing variations in communication effectively. Additionally, Dynamic translation instantly translates user questions in their preferred language to deliver simple, seamless, and real-time localization.

c. Focus on ROI:

    • ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators help businesses track the value they gain from their Gen AI investments, ensuring they maximize the ROI. In addition to offering ServiceNow expert support training, the accelerators offer further guidance in the areas of generative AI, task intelligence, predictive intelligence, and natural language understanding. ServiceNow’s Washington, D.C. release simplifies the adoption of Gen AI. With a focus on responsible AI, user-friendly features, and measurable benefits, businesses can leverage the power of Gen AI to unlock faster growth, improved efficiency, and a clear return on investment.


  • How is ServiceNow contributing to the GenAI ecosystem for enterprises, and how can artificial intelligence drive better business outcomes in today’s evolving market landscape?

ServiceNow is actively contributing to the Gen AI ecosystem for enterprises by continually expanding its generative AI portfolio. We are also a Gen AI first mover globally, our dedicated research team has produced over 70 studies since 2017, positioning us as leaders in Gen AI innovation.  Additionally, Teams across ServiceNow have been developing generative AI for several years, with it being an integral part of the Now Platform. Our products leverage existing AI and robotic process automation (RPA) technologies to streamline workflows, boost productivity, and deliver incredible customer experiences.

AI empowers businesses to thrive by analyzing vast amounts of data to make smarter decisions, automate tasks for increased efficiency, personalize customer experiences for higher satisfaction and identify new opportunities to drive innovation and greater profitability. By harnessing the power of AI, organizations can unlock new opportunities, improve operational efficiency, and deliver exceptional experiences for their customers and employees.

​Looking ahead, Gen AI will continue to shape ServiceNow’s landscape. Our forthcoming resources, such as AI capability maps and informative content, will empower users to navigate the evolving AI ecosystem effectively. By embracing existing AI capabilities and exploring the potential of Gen AI, organizations can optimize workflows, unlock efficiencies, and drive future success.


  • Considering the growing interest in GenAI among Indian enterprises, how is ServiceNow assisting organizations in scaling their business operations rapidly and maximizing value from their AI investments?

ServiceNow is uniquely positioned to help businesses leverage Gen AI, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of AI capabilities, seamlessly integrated to streamline operations, drive productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Let’s delve into how we enable Indian enterprises to utilize Gen AI for rapid business growth:

  1. Enhancing Self-Service Experience: ServiceNow’s GenAI-powered self-service capabilities enable users to find solutions swiftly without direct human intervention. This leads to higher self-service rates, accelerating resolution times and minimizing the workload. IT agents save 50% on routine tasks with Now Assist for ITSM, boosting efficiency and saving costs.
  2. Boosting Agent Productivity: GenAI automates repetitive tasks for support agents, freeing up their time to focus on complex cases that require human judgment. By generating resolution notes with Now Assist for ITSM, agents are closing incidents in half the time, boosting both productivity and satisfaction.
  3. Driving Innovation: ServiceNow’s GenAI boosts developer productivity by streamlining tasks like code generation and operational flows. This accelerates innovation, aiding businesses in staying ahead in digital transformation. Within our internal development team, developers are showing a 52% acceptance rate for generated code, highlighting the efficiency and effectiveness of GenAI in enhancing developer productivity. By enabling faster innovation cycles, our Gen AI solutions help businesses remain competitive in the marketplace.

By leveraging our platform and the power of Gen AI, enterprises can unlock a new level of automation, efficiency, and innovation, ultimately achieving better business outcomes.


  • With the significant investments expected in Generative AI by 2030, how is ServiceNow leveraging strategic partnerships accelerating the adoption of generative AI and fostering a collaborative ecosystem for innovation?

By 2030, we can expect substantial investments in this transformative technology.  By partnering with companies like Nvidia, HCL Tech, Hugging Face, Accenture, Cognizant etc, we are integrating cutting-edge AI capabilities into the platform to empower organizations with advanced automation, intelligent decision-making, and enhanced user experiences.

Furthermore, we are empowering developers with innovative features such as text to code and text to flow. This allows developers to leverage our platform for a wider range of applications and use cases, further driving innovation and efficiency.

We are offering a wider range of GenAI solutions to our partners that cater to the specific needs of different industries and address a broader array of use cases. This comprehensive approach encourages broader adoption of GenAI across various sectors and applications.

Through these partnerships and fostering a collaborative ecosystem, we are not only driving the adoption of Generative AI but also creating a fertile ground for innovation, knowledge sharing, and co-creation within the AI community. This approach ensures that businesses can harness the full potential of Generative AI to drive digital transformation, achieve operational excellence, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.