Unlocking Business Potential, An In-Depth Interview with Rajan Gupta, Founder of 10x Make it Happen.

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Rajan Gupta, Director, 10x Make it Happen.

1. Could you please help us in understanding 10x Make it Happen and its role in facilitating business growth?

Answer: 10x Make it Happen is dedicated to aiding businesses in their pursuit of expansion and success. We employ a distinctive approach centered on crafting detailed growth plans and working closely with our clients to bring these strategies to life. However, that is the first step. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure that these growth plans are executed to achieve their objectives.

2. What inspired the establishment of 10x Make it Happen, and what kind of customized strategies do you provide for your clients, and what are the key principles that underpin your working methodology?

Answer: Organizations have no shortage of strategies. What makes or breaks the fortunes of an enterprise is smart and persistent Execution. Great strategies fail due to lack of great execution, and even mediocre strategies succeed with smart execution, as there are in-built self-correction mechanisms. The inception of 10x Make it Happen was driven by our mission to ‘Establish Execution-Make it Happen as a Discipline in its own right’.

Our primary mission centers on facilitating substantial growth for medium and large corporations, with the ambition of expanding their scale by 2 to 10-fold. Our ultimate aim is to enhance their market presence and bolster their financial gains, ultimately making them more prosperous in their respective industries. By leveraging my business acumen, we aspire to guide these companies toward increased success and profitability on an impressive scale.

3. How does your company stay up-to-date with new ideas and changes in business?

Answer: We employ a distinct ‘Make-it-Happen’ framework of 12 essential building-blocks to deliver fail-safe achievement of aspirational goals. This framework acts as a dynamic foundation, allowing us to adapt swiftly when confronted with novel concepts or alterations in the business environment. The 12 components encompass all what is needed to make it happen, such as Financial Strengths, Human Resources, Technology Driven Ecosystems, Profitability, Multi-Dimensional Sales & Service Networks, and much more.

With this proven methodology, we invest heavily in industry research on all these building-blocks, develop new methods, learning modules, templates and best practices. This ensures that we given best possible knowledge and solutions to our clients in ever-changing business terrain.

4. What are your expectations for the future of your business, and what adaptations do you anticipate making?

Answer: Currently we are engaged mainly with medium to large size enterprises, while coaching many start-ups. As mentioned before we continuously innovate our methods. We now plan to scale-up our business, where we will build a network of certified Make it Happen consultants who are trained in our frame-work and a wide-range of methods & tools. This will help us to add value to an exponentially large number of enterprises compared to what we are able to serve today.

5. How do you help businesses, especially SME Startups to Survive the Market?

Answer: Anticipation and Agility is the key for businesses to Survive. It requires objectivity and keeping all our senses super-sharp. We help companies keep their ear to the ground and fine-tune their strategies and tactics accordingly. We help SMEs to survive and thrive in the market by guiding them to build lean & cost-effective operations, create strategies which are increments and allow for mid-course correction and smart risk management

6. How does your utilization of technology and data benefit businesses, and what significance does this hold?

Answer: We leverage in-depth information & intelligence capabilities for our clients. This includes advanced concepts like information ergonomics, dynamic segmentation and real-time multi-dimensional analysis. In-short the idea is to deliver the right information at the right time and at the right place.

In terms of technology, we own-up the technology transformation for our clients. No business can scale-up without effective us of IT systems. The underlying concept is to build technology driven ecosystems which follow the customer journey/life cycle.

These technological enhancements help us acquire and retain customers more effectively, as we can tailor our strategies to their needs and preferences. Moreover, automation tools expedite our workflow, allowing us to deliver results more swiftly to our clients. In essence, the utilization of technology is a cornerstone in our methodology, ensuring we can consistently meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

7. What guidance would you offer to businesses seeking assistance from a consulting firm, and what sets your company apart as the preferred choice?

My only guidance will be to look for ‘RESULTANTS’ and not consultants. One should look for strategic consulting partners who work as part of the team and co-own the outcomes.

We bring in four USPs which makes us the best partner for an enterprise looking to achieve extraordinary growth:

a)      Answer: We are not a boutique consulting firm. We specialize in 360 Degree Business Transformation. We have vast IP including frameworks, diagnostics, templates, Training, technology, SOPs, work-benches, tools & techniques on the entire range of sales models. Our best practices are built from our continued research across 100s of corporates and CxOs.

b) Adopting all possible solutions needed to make it happen. For 10X growth, one has to fire all the engines. We work on agile models, margins, processes, organization, hiring, on-boarding, goals & KRAs, performance, reporting, training, automations, discipline, engagement & motivation, compensation, marketing, logistics and much  more. We are goal-centric and not product-centric.

c)  Specialized in custom-upgrade of business-engine: Every organization is different. We help develop & execute highly customized blueprints, which take into consideration client’s industry, business models, maturity level in of your sales-engine, budgets, growth plans, competition land-scape, product quality & portfolio, skill & will levels of your teams and much more.

d) Making-it-Happen till results are delivered: As execution specialists, we work with our clients from strategy to on-ground implementation, till the targeted performance in delivered. We have skin in the game, as a proportion of our fee is results-based.

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