Unlocking the Power of Data: How Denodo’s Logical Data Fabric Revolutionizes Data Management and Fuels Innovation in India

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Mr. Ravi Shankar, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Denodo

  1. You visited India recently for the Gartner Data & Analytics summit. What were your key take-aways?

As companies move data ecosystems to the cloud, one hears a lot of talk about the complexity of managing distributed, heterogeneous data landscapes and the need for a cohesive, holistic approach to solving this challenge.

Gartner first coined the term data fabric, and it is now a well-adopted approach to data management. There has been a widespread emergence of data ecosystems that are built on this data fabric approach, to manage data more effectively.

Data fabric is an architectural approach that enables the integration, management, and delivery of data distributed across hybrid and multi-cloud systems.

Data fabrics enable efficiency, automation, and cost optimization while providing effective, centralized data security and governance.


  1. You talked with people from many companies during the event. What do you see as the current state of the market?

I noticed that many global companies with complex businesses have support teams that are based in India. I also noticed that these companies struggle with the management of data across the globe, with data and systems in different locations and jurisdictions.

Companies want to future-proof their data infrastructures and are looking for new, innovative ways to use and manage enterprise data.

Denodo has helped one of the largest banks in India to introduce more effective data management and accelerate data delivery to increase productivity. This firm used Denodo in their cloud transition and shared their multi-cloud journey success story in the conference but chose to remain anonymous for this Q&A.


  1. How can these data management challenges be solved?

At Denodo, we believe that these data management challenges can be solved with a logical data fabric, enabled by the Denodo Platform.

A logical data fabric is a logical data layer that integrates all enterprise data siloed across disparate systems and manages the unified data with centralized security and governance, giving real-time access to all data stakeholders.

Denodo supports different data integration methods but promotes a logical-first approach. This means that where it makes sense, do not move or duplicate data but connect to it logically.

By establishing a logical data fabric as a centralized data-access layer, companies also build a strong foundation for delivering data in a consistent manner and re-purposing key data assets as needed.


  1. How does Denodo support modern approaches to data management?

In these rapidly changing times, companies need to be flexible and agile. Denodo provides a data management platform that is very effective at supporting current data management needs, and it will continue to do so as these needs evolve.

At the core of the Denodo Platform is data virtualization technology. Data virtualization is a logical approach to data integration and management that brings data together without having to move or duplicate it, regardless of its location or type.

Because the Denodo Platform serves as a unified data-access layer, it also enables organizations to manage data security and data governance protocols through a single point of control, across diverse data sources.


  1. How can Denodo help companies in India?

We see a huge potential in the Indian market, particularly in financial services. With the recent surge in cybercrime, coupled with the introduction of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), there has been a significant shift in the region’s focus on data protection.

Denodo offers a best-of-breed enterprise data management and integration platform to help deliver actionable insights to the business, with minimal effort but with robust, end-to-end security. Denodo has already been successful protecting data in Indian organizations, such as the large bank I mentioned.

Denodo will continue to help Indian organizations transform their operations and innovate, by unifying their data assets and making key data available in real time. The market is embracing the logical data management strategy, and Denodo is a key proponent of this strategy.

Denodo strives to provide business users with immediate access to the data they need, and Denodo is committed to continuing to develop strong, innovative capabilities in logical data management.

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