VDO.AI is Revolutionizing the $ 615.2 Billion Video Advertising Space

CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Arjit Sachdeva, Co-Founder, VDO.AI


  1. Could you provide a brief overview of VDO.AI and what the company is doing?

VDO.AI is a global advertising technology company aimed to empower brands and agencies to unlock the full potential of their advertising campaigns. Driven by AI, our advanced video ecosystem offers high-impact advertising solutions that drive meaningful engagement and deliver exceptional results.

Our platform provides the ultimate solution to the challenges faced by advertisers by leveraging hyper-personalized solutions, deep insights, and industry expertise. We resolve challenges faced by advertisers such as ad fraud, ad viewability, GDPR privacy regulations, and ad relevance by operating in an AI-driven brand-safe environment. Through our Advertiser Suite, we help brands and agencies to achieve their objectives by driving innovative advertising campaigns centered around contextual relevance, resulting in unparalleled consumer experiences. Our Publisher Suite empowers publishers to intelligently monetize their web properties and augment engagement with contextual native ads.

The approach is to seamlessly connect brands and consumers across CTV, mobile, and desktop, fostering a linear-like engagement that forges meaningful connections and delivers exceptional results. With a focus on reaching target audience segments at scale, we drive campaign goals ranging from brand awareness to lead generation and conversions.


  1. What is the mission of VDO.AI and how does it align with the needs and goals of businesses operating in the Ad Tech industry?

VDO.AI’s mission is to empower businesses in the Ad Tech industry with game-changing solutions that drive real-world outcomes. We understand the uphill battle faced by brands in capturing audience attention, reaching the right audience in a brand-safe environment, and fostering genuine engagement. That’s why our mission is centered on providing innovatively customized advertising solutions that not only meet their goals but exceed their expectations while remaining at the forefront of revolutionizing technology.

Furthermore, transparency and trust are the bedrock of our mission. We prioritize data privacy and brand safety, ensuring that our solutions adhere to the highest industry standards. By forging strong and trustworthy partnerships with our clients, we equip them with the confidence to navigate the complex AdTech landscape. At VDO.AI, we are passionate about empowering businesses to conquer their advertising challenges and achieve remarkable results.


  1. In the realm of targeting and personalization, what strategies and tools can advertisers employ to ensure they effectively reach their intended audiences?

In the ever-evolving world of advertising, targeting, and personalization have become crucial elements for advertisers aiming to effectively reach their intended audiences. So, they must employ some powerful and technologically updated programmatic advertising solutions to achieve their brand goals hassle freely. This includes:

  • Highly impactful video ad formats– Ad formats are the biggest growth engine for advertisers. An engaging ad can upscale business growth, thus, VDO.AI offers impactful activations including CTV, Advance Display, and OLV across desktop, mobile, and CTV, each tailored to advertisers’ different needs and preferences.
  • Multidimensional targeting and contextually relevant interaction/ads: This involves identifying the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of the target audience, and using that information to serve ads to viewers who fit those criteria. This technique helps increase ad relevance and achieve 100 on-target delivery.
  • Interactive ad features: Advertisers can integrate QR codes along with an immersive content gallery to enable the Screen2Screen feature and generate augmented engagement. VDO.AI utilize these elements with a personalized CTA to increase viewership with clear message delivery, building user interest and prompting user action.
  • Real-time dashboard- Advertisers must seek/leverage comprehensive daily reporting and live analytics via real-time dashboard to view performance and enable campaign optimization to re-route advertising strategies for easy goal achievement.

VDO.AI utilizes these strategies to help brands engage with their intended audiences, optimize ad delivery, and improve campaign performance.


  1. What are some of the current key trends shaping the AdTech industry?

The dynamics of the AdTech industry are constantly changing, and it is crucial to stay abreast of the trends to be a leader in this space. Here are some notable trends to adapt and excel advertising:

  1. Connected TV and OTT Advertising: As more viewers shift to streaming platforms, Connected TV and OTT advertising have gained prominence. Advertisers can reach their audiences through personalized and interactive ads on these platforms.
  2. Contextual Advertising: Contextual advertising focuses on delivering relevant ads based on the content and context of web pages. With privacy concerns, it offers an alternative to audience targeting based on individual user data.
  3. Cross-Channel and Omnichannel Advertising: Consumers engage with multiple devices and platforms, necessitating cross-channel and omnichannel advertising strategies. This approach ensures consistent messaging across touchpoints, providing a seamless brand experience.
  4. Mobile Advertising: With the increasing adoption of smartphones and mobile apps, mobile advertising has become a prominent strategy. Businesses can leverage personalized and location-based ads to target their audiences effectively.


  1. What is the current market opportunity and what direction is the AdTech sector heading towards?

The AdTech sector is witnessing a remarkable market opportunity fueled by the exponential growth of digital advertising and the surging demand for targeted and personalized solutions. Advertisers are actively seeking innovative ways to reach their target audiences effectively and optimize ad campaigns for maximum performance.

Within this landscape, Connected TV (CTV) advertising stands out as a compelling area of opportunity. The rapid adoption of CTV, driven by popular streaming services like Hotstar, Zee5, and Amazon Prime Video, presents a vast potential audience. In the US alone, eMarketer predicts that the number of CTV users will surpass 204.1 million by 2023.

What makes CTV particularly enticing is its ability to provide precise targeting and an enhanced user experience compared to traditional TV advertising. Non-skippable ads seamlessly integrated into the viewing experience capture viewers’ attention and drive higher engagement.

Furthermore, as the AdTech sector continues its dynamic evolution, we observe a clear trajectory focused on data-driven targeting, automation, and optimization. Advertisers are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze vast datasets, optimize ad placements, and deliver personalized, impactful ad experiences.

The market opportunity in AdTech is undeniable, and those who embrace the possibilities presented by CTV and emerging technologies will have a significant advantage. By leveraging innovative solutions and staying at the forefront of industry trends, advertisers can unlock immense potential, connect with their audiences in meaningful ways, and achieve impressive results in the ever-evolving and competitive digital advertising market.

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