Women in Tech: Helen Mishra – Senior Manager at Tredence

 CXOToday has engaged in an exclusive interview with Ms. Helen Mishra, Senior Manager at Tredence where we discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in STEM.


  •     Please provide us with a brief overview of the business, its area of expertise, and the services it provides

Tredence is an AI and data science solutions provider that helps Fortune 500 companies adopt a data-first strategy, build data-fueled monetization models and enhance shareholder value realization. Tredence focuses on solving the “last-mile” problem in AI, which connects insights to action to value. Our AI solution accelerators are tailormade to solve critical industry problems and help customers make strategic decisions.


  •     What made you choose the tech industry?

As a student in the STEM field, I knew that the tech industry was my calling. Not only does it offer exciting opportunities to enter the fast-paced and evolving field of technology work, but it is also where my true passion lies. You can never get bored in the tech industry because every day brings new challenges to solve and opportunities to improve our world through innovation. Honestly, I can’t imagine working in any other field or industry – this is what I love!


  •     Did you face any challenges after joining this industry and while climbing the corporate ladder?

The underrepresentation of women continues to be a significant problem across the tech industry. Unfortunately, prejudice remains when it comes to women in leadership, working mothers, and the expectations of work-life balance, but this has shifted notably over the past few years. The best thing to do is ask rather than assume. Don’t make assumptions about anyone else’s abilities or limitations. There is much room at the top for women, but we continue to climb the ladder and make an outsized impact on the industry. For anyone facing challenges in their career, never give up on your dreams. More women will succeed in technology careers when we support each other and keep pushing and challenging the status quo.


  •     How does your organization leverage tech to improve the employee experience? How does this impact the empowerment of women?

At Tredence, we use technology to improve employee experience in multiple ways. We understand that the employee experience goes beyond having a great benefits package and a top-notch recruiting process. It’s also about ensuring our employees are engaged and empowered. Our AI-driven employee engagement and pulse-check solutions help us monitor employee sentiment. Additionally, our continuous feedback mechanisms for leaders help ensure everyone receives the coaching and feedback they need to succeed. And finally, our 360-degree assessments provide a well-rounded view of employee performance.

When it comes to women’s empowerment, continuous feedback can help our leaders identify the drivers working for women employees and where they need to improve. Women leaders represent the future, and we are committed to coaching and providing opportunities to grow more of them. By leveraging tech to improve employee experience, we’re enhancing our employees’ lives and empowering women to lead the way into the industry’s future.


  •     Do you feel there has been an increase in opportunity for women in the tech industry?

There’s no question that the tech industry has been a male-dominated field for many years. But there are signs that this is slowly starting to change. Companies are beginning to realize that diversity is good for business, and they are starting to invest in programs to attract and retain female talent. In addition, more women are being given opportunities to lead major projects and initiatives. And while the overall number of women in tech is still relatively small, it’s growing faster than ever before. So, while there’s still a long way to go, it’s clear that the landscape is changing and that there are more opportunities for women in tech than ever before.

The last few years, however, have also been challenging for women. The pandemic significantly impacted everything from childcare to education to work-life balance, forcing many women to leave the workforce. As a result, women are experiencing a gender recession across fields, and it is necessary to support and provide them with opportunities to succeed in today’s reimagined workplace. Collaboration is key to creating an equitable society.


  •     What can be done to improve the number of opportunities for women?

Women have historically been underrepresented in leadership positions. Despite some progress, there is still much to be done.

Mentors and role models play an invaluable role in enhancing women’s opportunities. The presence of fellow women in positions of power may inspire more women to pursue similar opportunities. Providing additional training opportunities can also create pathways to leadership. A supportive leadership team can also contribute to a productive work environment for women. This way, we can close the gender gap and create an equal playing field for everyone.

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