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All Devices to get Type-C Ports

Smartphone makers and apex industry associations in India have agreed to use only Type-C as the standard USB for all electronic devices

Your next laptop, tablets and smartphone can soon be charged with a single charging device. This has been made possible through a government initiative to get industry bodies and smartphone and laptop makers to agree to adopt the USB Type-C as the standard charging port for all electronic products. 

According to sources, this change would happen over a period of time as companies need to sell existing inventories before going for this standardization. Therefore, it was not surprising that none of those who were part of this meeting actually set out a target date though indications are that it could happen immediately after the European Union makes the shift. 

The officials said the decision was taken at a meeting of an inter-ministerial task force set up to discuss this vexed issue that requires users to carry multiple charging cables to juice up their devices that includes laptops, tablets and smartphones. This meeting was chaired by Rohit Kumar Singh, secretary in the department of consumer affairs. 


Device producers agree on the matter

There was consensus on the need to make the customer’s life easy and industry associations agreed to implement the USB Type-C charging ports in a phased manner. Among others, the meeting was attended by representatives of FICCI, CII and the IIT-BHU as well as executives from companies such as Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell and Lenovo. 

Information provided by company sources said the government would create a smaller group to examine the feasibility of uniform charging ports for wearables as well. Interestingly, 98% of all smartphones already boast of a USB Type-C charging facility, Apple has relied on its own proprietary Lightning Port.

Discussions around the matter have been ongoing since the government first initiated the process on August 18 as part of efforts at reducing e-waste and making charging of electronic devices easier for consumers. This came about following the EU’s decision to adopt Type-C as the common standards by 2024 for smartphones and 2026 for laptops. 

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