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Chinese Apps – The Ban and What’s Really Behind India’s Actions

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The ban on 59 Chinese apps including the insanely popular short video sharing platform TikTok following India’s border skirmish with China in Ladakh set tongues wagging. One section felt it was the right thing to do, for obviously patriotic reasons, while the other thought it made little sense as there were hardly any alternatives to the ones banned. 

However, we at CXOToday believe that more than nationalism or patriotism or whatever else that prompted many to support the ban, the real reason why it was required. In fact, if anything the ban should have been enforced much earlier than it eventually came, is how Jitendra Soni, Associate Editor of CXOToday, a gadget geek by choice, feels about the issue. 

Why so? Because in spite of affirmations to the contrary from Bytedance, the owners of TikTok, Soni feels that there is no way companies associated with China in terms of having their data servers located in the region, can refuse to part with private information in case the Communist Party or its government in Beijing asks for it. 

Huawei’s ban in the United States and now by Britain is more than indicative of how Chinese companies are perceived in the West these days. You could read our colleague Neeraj Raje’s views on the matter that he shared in an earlier post right here

In this conversation between Soni and Raj Narayan, veteran journalist and Editor of Trivone Media, a company that owns CXOToday and also runs global brand TechRadar’s India operations and its editorial, they discuss the reasons behind the ban, what makes smartphone makers go out of the way to have bloatware on their devices and how unwanted apps could be removed. 

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