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Earth Day 2022: Tech Experts Focus on a Sustainable Future

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“It is time we as human beings revisit our understanding of independent existence. This misunderstood way of independent existence, while having placed humans in the pinnacle of biological evolution, has brought in a huge disconnect between man and earth. Human beings should honour and respect the interconnectedness and the interdependence between us and planetary resources.

Human beings exist through maintaining homeostasis, which is equilibrium in the internal environment. Similarly, a healthy equilibrium in the ecosystem is a prime criterion for planetary healthy existence. The ecosystem is interwoven with different streams of life resourced from mineral kingdom raised into plant and animal kingdom. These streams abide by nature’s law except human beings. Human being have free will. The harmonious balance in ecosystem is brought about by sharing through contribution and receiving.

The planet gives us abundantly. But human beings take more than they need. The balance will be sought through not living out of greed but to live out of need and meet the need through utilising resources to the optimum. One of the most effective ways to meet this is through mindful living. The first step is to stop overdrawing beyond what one needs. Human illnesses represent this imbalance. Asthma is when breathing out becomes difficult and obesity is when burning out becomes difficult.

So man should give back to the planet, not only for planetary health but for our own wellbeing. Out of free will, we, as human beings should bring in lifestyle changes through mindful living and work towards the collective wellness of human being and the planet.” – Dr Karthiyayini Mahadevan, Head, Wellness and Wellbeing, Columbia Pacific Communities
“This year’s theme for Earth Day – “Invest in Our Planet” truly resonates with Cisco, as we believe what’s good for the planet is good for business. It is a call to action encouraging individuals, enterprises, and governments to create sustainable communities, countries, and economies. And for decades, Cisco has been evolving and expanding the way it positively impacts people and the planet.

We recently announced our commitment to reaching net zero for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across all scopes by 2040. The goal includes reaching net zero for all global Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2025. We also maintain an enterprise-wide circular economy program that focuses on designing out waste, extending the life of products and materials, and regenerating natural systems. Moreover, our Bangalore campus is primarily powered by renewable sources. We also maintain a comprehensive water management system at our campus, including a rainwater harvesting system, an evaporative cooling system, and two sewer treatment plants. These initiatives have helped us envisage our future, make it more sustainable, and ensure a liveable planet for all.” – Cisco

The way enterprises have started to approach sustainability especially in the last few years has been encouraging. As the world’s digital infrastructure company, Equinix has always been at the forefront of incorporating sustainable measures and technologies. This year’s theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet.” It’s an idea we’re proud to support, as it aligns with our own Data Center of the Future initiative.

As per The 451 Research report “Ten tech trends driving transformation in 2022” provides more insights that back up our thinking. According to the report, sustainability is a key factor for enterprises evaluating colocation providers, with 79% rating it “very important” or “somewhat important”. We believe investing in sustainable data center technologies isn’t just the right thing to do for the future of our planet; it can also be a key source of business value for our customers today.

Last year, Equinix became the first data center operator to commit to becoming climate-neutral by 2030. In pursuit of that goal, we set a science-based target (SBT) to reduce emissions across our global operations and supply chain. By shrinking our carbon footprint and improving our power usage effectiveness (PUE), we aim to do our part to prevent the worst outcomes of climate change. One of the key components of our climate-neutrality goal is to reach 100% renewable energy coverage across both existing and future data center sites by 2030.

Equinix is committed to providing sustainable data centers around the globe. In India, we are working on that plan to become 100% renewable energy by sourcing solar, wind and hydropower energy, working with the energy distributor Tamil Nadu energy company in Tamil Nadu and Tata Power in Mumbai and more.- Manoj Paul, Managing Director, Equinix India.


We continue to fight Our battle against polluted air year after year to breathe the purest quality of air. Air nourishes our organs and blood with oxygen and consequently increases human lifespan. Investing in emerging Clean Air technologies can curb emissions and carbon footprint. Invest in sustainable technologies, invest in our planet. – Dr. Srikanth Sola, CEO and Founder Devic Earth.

“Earth Day serves as a critical reminder of just how unique our planet is. The resources it gives us are one-of-a-kind and irreplaceable, and it is our duty to preserve these resources and use them wisely even as we pursue economic growth. At Bynry, our objective is to give end consumers all the information they need to use energy smartly and judiciously. Now more than ever, there is a pressing urgency to truly understand the very real effects of climate change and to invest in sustainable ways to meet global energy requirements. Companies owe it to their customers and to the planet to prioritise sustainable energy practices as well as more conscious consumption. The greater care we take of Mother Earth, the greater care she will take of us and our future generations.” – Nilesh Gudhe, CEO & Founder, Bynry

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