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43% Prioritize Personalized Customer Support in Retail, Reports Kapture CX Survey

Within the ever-evolving world of retail, delivering eminent customer experience has always been paramount. However, over the past few years, the long legacy of conventional customer experience has become bereft with complexities, failing to offer the utmost customer satisfaction.


Given the dynamic retail scenario, customers expect more than merely a transactional relationship. In tandem, they are actively seeking interpersonal relationships that curate a comprehensive customer journey. Kapture CX- India’s leading CX automation platform recently conducted a survey to share insights on the foremost customer service issues in the retail sector.


Targeting the demographic of retail enthusiasts, the survey invited customers to voice their opinions about the deficiencies of the retail sector’s customer support. At the same time, it is set to influence the evolution of retail service standards.


In order to reshape customer experience, there is a pressing need to deliver personalised customer service. According to the survey, 43% of retail stakeholders found Personalised Customer Support to be the leading customer support concern. With customers valuing a tailored approach to their service experience, this demonstrates a drastic shift in consumer expectations, where personalization in customer support is no longer a luxury but a necessity for retailers.  


Commenting on the customer experience issues plaguing the retail sector, Sheshgiri Kamath – Co-Founder & CEO of Kapture CX said, “ It has always been our mission to help enterprises deliver an immaculate customer experience at every touch-point of the retail journey. With the change in customer preferences and a surge in poor customer service, we leverage the power of in-house generative AI to offer personalised, contextual, and intelligent support that caters to diverse customers.”


The survey results point towards a growing trend where consumers expect retailers to understand their individual needs and preferences, and to provide service accordingly.


Moving beyond, the survey also unveiled Product Quality as the second most significant issue at 30%, which affects the end goal in customer experience. Additionally, Delivery and Shipping Delays followed by Return/Refund Processes were less of a concern with 11% and 16% of the respondents considering it respectively. 


In an era where retail is becoming increasingly competitive, Kapture CX’s survey results highlight the importance of investing in sophisticated customer support that can deliver personalised experiences. Undoubtedly, while logistics and product returns are pivotal, the personal touch in customer interaction holds more prominence in defining customer satisfaction.


As the retail landscape traverses further, it’s high time that retailers head on a journey to redefine the customer experience. By being prompted to reevaluate their customer experience strategies, they will be further stimulated to consider how advanced tools and technologies, including AI-driven SaaS solutions can be leveraged to meet the rising demand for personalised customer service.