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5 ways GitHub Copilot helps developers code up to 55% faster

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way we code. Businesses have an astute understanding by now that innovation in technology is key to creating a competitive differentiator and thrive in the market. This requires elevating the developer’s experience to bring out the best output.

When we multitask, the output of each of the tasks is usually not our best. The potential to get the best results requires our undeterred focus towards one task at a time. It is the same with software development, which is why the advancements that solve evolving challenges for developers is even more important. Newer tools that automate routine work or assist with complex tasks for developers, help them channelise their creativity and focus on the big picture.

Taking the developer experience several notches up, GitHub Copilot, the world’s first at-scale generative AI development tool, is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way coding functions. With its innovative features and tools, GitHub Copilot X, which is an upgraded version of the existing developer’s tool, improves developer productivity and happiness, reducing disruptions, improving flow, and increasing the amount of time a developer spends doing satisfying work. Studies have shown GitHub Copilot boosts productivity and helps developers code up to 55% faster. It already writes about 46% of the code.

Here are 5 ways GitHub Copilot can revolutionize development workflow:

AI-Powered Assistance with GitHub Copilot: Imagine having a built-in chat interface right within your editor that helps you understand your code and complete it, helps you solve errors, and provides in-depth insights. At its core, Copilot X adopts OpenAI’s GPT-4 capabilities, making it more efficient and accurate. With GitHub Copilot Chat, developers are in for an immersive coding experience. The tool goes beyond mere code suggestions, seamlessly integrating with popular coding environments like VS Code and Visual Studio. It can provide everything from guided analysis and explanations to bug fix proposals, being a true copilot to the developer.

Boosting Developer Productivity and Satisfaction: GitHub Copilot empowers developers to focus on real problem-solving. The AI-powered tool enhances productivity and job satisfaction by seamlessly providing suggestions and boilerplate code, enabling developers to streamline their development process and create more consistent code. The adoption of GitHub Copilot yields secondary effects, positively influencing job satisfaction and enhancing developer retention.

Improved accuracy accelerates innovation: The tool’s AI-engine can analyze code and predict the next lines of code, which can improve code accuracy and reduce errors. It is no secret that rapid prototyping and modernization are key to staying ahead. With the remarkable capabilities of Copilot, teams can supercharge their innovation efforts and drive faster ideation. Embracing cutting-edge tools like Copilot showcases a company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, making it an attractive destination for top-tier talent.

Streamlined Collaboration with Pull Requests: GitHub’s pull request feature enables seamless collaboration among developers and with external stakeholders too. It allows you to propose changes, review code, and provide feedback—all within a single platform.

Bridging skill gaps: GitHub Copilot helps professionals learn and practice new programming languages faster. It can cater to developers having varying levels of expertise – ranging from beginners to experts. The tool can help bridge the skill gap between experienced and junior developers by providing high-quality code suggestions, allowing junior developers to improve their skills faster. For employers in need of talented developers with niche programming skills (like COBOL), GitHub Copilot can help to train employees in these in-demand skills faster.

As we look towards the future of coding, GitHub stands as a revolutionary tool that will elevate the coding landscape. Through AI-powered assistance, streamlined collaboration, improved accuracy, an increased developer productivity and satisfaction, GitHub empowers developers to code faster, collaborate efficiently, and build high-quality software. Businesses need to embrace the power of GitHub and unlock its full potential to enhance their development workflow in the golden age of AI. With about 10 million developers in India already using GitHub, GitHub Copilot is set to take business productivity up several notches.

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