Press Release

At RSNA 2023 – unveiled the world’s first commercially available US FDA Cleared CADe Chest X-Ray AI solution covering the entire chest region, a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for medical imaging, announced the commercial availability of Augmento X-Ray, a one of its kind CADe Chest X-Ray AI solution powered by US FDA Cleared CXR AI at the world’s largest radiology conference – Radiology Society of North America’s (RSNA) 109th Annual Meeting. Augmento X-Ray is designed to significantly reduce radiologist workload and improve the quality of chest X-ray reporting.

Chest radiography is the most common medical imaging tool used in routine clinical practices to identify different disease findings. With 3.5 billion annual X-rays performed, 1.5 billion dedicated to chest examinations, the need for precise interpretation is critical. However, due to heavy workloads and a scarcity of experienced radiologists, timely reporting of every image is not always possible, potentially leading to missed detections.

The shortage of radiologists accentuates the significance of AI in tackling this challenge head-on. Augmento X-Ray addresses this challenge directly, reducing radiologist workload by an impressive 30-50%. By seamlessly differentiating chest radiographs without suspicion from those with suspicions, Augmento X-Ray helps reduce the backlog of chest X-rays, improving the radiology workflow and enhancing overall patient care.

Powered by the US FDA Cleared AI solution CXR Analyzer, Augmento X-Ray comprehensively covers the entire chest area, providing in-depth analysis for a wide spectrum of lung, pleura, cardiac findings, as well as detection of foreign bodies and hardware within the chest.

“Augmento X-Ray represents a significant breakthrough in AI-powered medical imaging,” said Ajit Patil, Co-Founder of DeepTek. “With the US FDA clearance, Augmento X-Ray is now available in the US market, and we look forward to expanding our reach in this important market, helping healthcare providers deliver better care to their patients.”

DeepTek’s AI solutions have already made a significant impact in India and the Asia-Pacific region, transforming healthcare by increasing access to quality care at a lower cost. The company’s products are deployed in over 500 hospitals and imaging centers, impacting the lives of over a million individuals every year. In Singapore, DeepTek’s US FDA-approved platform, Augmento Enterprise, has been chosen as the national radiology AI platform, contributing to improved productivity and quality of care across public hospitals.


With its operations in Pune; has about 200 members and has partners like TATA Capital, NTT DATA Japan and Shimadzu Asia Pacific.

As prepares to venture into the US market, the company is set to leverage its new product launch and FDA approvals to make a significant impact on the global healthcare landscape.