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Bharat SaaS Yatra Commences Journey from Bhubaneswar, Celebrating India’s SaaS Industry Rise

  • Bharat SaaS Yatra collaborates with Startup Odisha to support and amplify the momentum of the SaaS revolution.

The Bharat SaaS Yatra, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to celebrating and nurturing India’s dynamic Software as a Service (SaaS) sector, officially commenced its journey from Bhubaneswar today. With a resolute mission to inspire and empower the next wave of SaaS entrepreneurs nationwide, this transformative endeavour will traverse through 20 cities, orchestrating immersive SaaS exhibitions to showcase the extraordinary journey and accomplishments of India’s SaaS ecosystem.

The momentous inauguration ceremony was organised in association with Startup Odisha for Odisha chapter, gathering over 100 prominent individuals and industry stakeholders. Dr. Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman of Startup Odisha, presided over the inaugural event held at Srusti Academy of Management, Bhubaneswar. Against the backdrop of Odisha’s flourishing entrepreneurial landscape, with over 1800 emerging startups, the commencement of the Bharat SaaS Yatra signifies a significant milestone in the state’s startup ecosystem. Among these burgeoning ventures are notable SaaS startups like Bookingini, Typoof, Retrod, Fydo, and, underscoring the vibrancy and innovation deeply ingrained within Odisha’s startup ecosystem.

India currently hosts approximately 7000 SaaS companies, generating an impressive revenue of $12-13 billion. To support and amplify this momentum, the Bharat Startup Yatra has forged partnerships with several State Govt agencies like Startup Odisha, SaaSBOOMi, Upekkha, and other ecosystem players from SaaS. Their collective aim to catalyze more individuals to venture into the SaaS domain as well as honor the contributions of industry pioneers. With a shared vision of establishing India as a global leader in product innovation, this initiative stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs nationwide. The journey ahead will be documented in various forms, including podcasts, interviews, shorts, and culminating in a documentary for OTT platforms like Netflix and theatrical screenings in PVR cinemas.

Reflecting on the occasion, Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman of Startup Odisha, remarked, “The Bharat SaaS Yatra marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards fostering a thriving startup ecosystem in Odisha. We are proud to be the first destination for the Yatra, which will undoubtedly ignite the aspirations of countless entrepreneurs across the nation.”

Sri Maneru, Founder, Bharat SaaS Yatra expressed excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to embark on this transformative journey from the vibrant city of Bhubaneswar, which boasts one of the most proactive startup missions in Odisha. Through the Bharat SaaS Yatra, we aim to celebrate the resilience, innovation, and collective spirit of India’s SaaS community, while paving the way for a future filled with limitless possibilities.”

About Startup Odisha

Startup Odisha under the MSME Dept. Govt. of Odisha as the Nodal agency for building the startup and innovation ecosystem in the state, came into existence in 2016 with Odisha Startup Policy-2016. The vision is to introduce a holistic and inclusive ecosystem for the existing and aspiring startups, establish itself as one of the top startup hubs in the country, and enable the youth of Odisha to become Job-Creators and support the state in employment generation. With the unique support system under the Odisha Startup Policy 2016, Startup Odisha has supported Women/SC/ST/PH/Transgenders-led startups/ entrepreneurs by providing them with financial grants, subsidized incubation and exposure in participating in various national and international events. Since its inception, Startup Odisha has been home to the best entrepreneurial minds & has already supported and facilitated more than 1700+ Startups, with 600+ startups led by women directors, founders and co-founders. It houses the facilities and services ranging from a world-class infrastructure with state of an art facility called O Hub to the best Incubation facility supported by a proactive team, the aim is to take a leap for registering a minimum of another 5000 startups with recognition by 2025. Startup Odisha has been continuously evolving in its Policy measures, always ensuring to have a responsive policy framework. We have been the top performing Startup Hubs for three consecutive years in the country.