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Campus 365 launches the Young CEO program to boost leadership amongst young leaders

Campus 365 and Actipass have joined hands to bring the Young CEO program to young dreamers and business aspirants. Keeping up with its theme of empowering students through extra-curricular activities, Campus 365 has established the perfect plan to foster leadership and vision amongst students.

The Young CEO program’s launch was kicked off in Surat, with over 2,800 participants signing up for the program. Campus 365 and Actipass have targeted approximately 1000 schools to reach out to as many students as possible, and give them access to the best mentorship for children aged 10 and above. The course duration is about 3 months with after-school classes, and each class is packed with information about businesses, the current market, and how to navigate them effectively.

Actipass and Campus 365 share a joint vision to make education a fun journey, aid their mental health and make learning less daunting. While the companies have been active collaborators for various other webinars and classes, the Young CEO program inspires young students to become innovative change-makers by guiding them through launching a start-up.

Students will be grouped in a team of 3-4, where they’ll be coached through the process, and introduced to like-minded folks. They’ll also be given a run-through of the current ecosystem and how businesses operate by helping them understand business basics. The teams will ideate and work with their partners to make a prototype and business plan and will present their ideas to family, friends, and fellow young achievers. Students will get to present their ideas to a guest panel of entrepreneurs and start-up owners, growth experts, and industry experts.

 Mayank Singh, Co-founder of Campus 365, said, “Campus 365 is always looking for new ways to enhance student lives by adding qualities like leadership, thoughtfulness, and empathy to their study lives. Learning is no longer about just reading from textbooks, and we’re so grateful that teams like Actipass and the selected panel members understand how to approach student growth. We look forward to meeting the bright young minds at the program.”

Kunal Dedhia, founder of Actipass said, “We’ve hosted a slew of events and seminars with Campus 365, and this one might just be our favorite. We operate to inculcate life skills within students; and take life lessons, friends, and qualities along with them. Working to have the brightest minds collaborate with the best professionals right now is such an honor, and we cannot wait to see how students respond to our program.”

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