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ClearTouch launches List Management Services (LMS) for contact centers to boost efficiency

ClearTouch, a leading provider of award-winning contact center solutions to enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide, today announced the launch of its List Management Services (LMS) along with its cloud contact center platform. With ClearTouch’s list management services, an organisations contact center can streamline and optimize lists for connecting, making it easier to integrate various data sets and channels from different sources while saving time, improving omnichannel visibility, and reducing the likelihood of errors.

List management is mostly used to create specific customer journeys supported by data in various company operations. It involves managing the list of information you have regarding different business-driven data, such as email addresses, personal information, and so forth.

“Without the right list management solution, the risk of an organization losing valuable time chasing down unprofitable leads, burning out agents, and leaving profits on the table for your call center,” says Uthaman Bakthikrishnan, Executive Vice President, ClearTouch Connect. Uthaman further adds that the biggest challenge with list management is that people are not opting for it. People buy data, turn the data on, and start dialing. This doesn’t help. Our LMS helps you identify your data sources and make better use of your spending on data. With our LMS, you understand which list is converting, which isn’t, and whether you come across a bad batch of data. The time you spend on data that isn’t converting is opportunity cost, and you are losing out there. With our LMS, you would be watching the list management report in real-time, helping you save costs and improve efficiency.

One of the great parts of working with ClearTouch’s list management solution is the considerable flexibility it offers your dial files, making it easy to keep everything up-to-date and organized. To create a seamless customer experience, it covers the entire data management workflow, including uploading your lists, ordering & filtering your lists, and splitting your dial files to assign the discrete sets to multiple agents. List management release has enabled ClearTouch to deploy many more omnichannel functions to its contact center platform.

Besides, the other benefits are that it lets you draw upon its data for advanced decision processing, enables data enrichment, and allows easier API access and a clear view across communication channels.

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About the company: 

ClearTouch, a pioneering provider of a cloud-based call center platform for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and financial services companies. Since 2016, ClearTouch has grown its presence from Chennai to offices in Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai, with data centers in Mumbai and Bangalore as well as other data centers throughout the world, which provides the capability and agility to handle various client requirements. The company’s revenue has grown by more than 200% each year over the last three years while more than tripling its head count. To strengthen its services and improve customer experience, ClearTouch has worked closely with local partners such as many major Indian telecommunications companies. It currently serves various Indian companies and multinational businesses in the healthcare, insurance, financial services, banking and BPO industries.

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