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Community Building Emerges as the top priority for organizations

Advantage Club, a global employee engagement platform offering its services in more than 100 countries to more than 10,000 customers, has identified a rising trend of organizations focusing on “community building” as an extension to their employee engagement programs. Approximately 50% of corporates use community building services to drive employee engagement on their platform.

Given the hybrid nature of work and its issues, community building can significantly impact employee mental well-being and improve retention rates. It also positively impacts the culture, bringing them respect at work and enhancing their belongingness too – a key result of community building intervention. Individuals derive their sense of purpose and value from their associated community and build their own sense of identity. Corporates are exploring new ideas to strengthen employee engagement offerings and reward employees by getting employees involved in community-building programs.

On further analysis, it reported that there is a decrease in attrition rates too with community-building services. The retention rate has increased by 45% for corporates using the Advantage Club community module compared to the ones not using it. A recently conducted survey on the platform has also concluded that 78% of employees feel community building is essential in the workplace.

Sharing insights Sourabh Deorah, Co-Founder & CEO said, “We have analyzed companies using our platform as a part of their employee engagement program and “community building” has emerged as a surprise element to have long-term impact on employees positively. Social connections and interactions are pivotal to human existence, but as many organizations enter a hybrid mode, their effectiveness is bound to impact. Workplaces that effectively encourage community culture among employees frequently see higher rates of overall trust, respect, empathy, productivity, and cooperation”.

About Advantage Club

Advantage Club is a global employee engagement and experience platform, offering services such as Rewards, Recognitions, Perks, Communities, Funzone and many more, all on a single platform. Established in 2016 and headquartered in Delaware, Advantage Club has an impressive client portfolio featuring Concentrix, Teleperformance, Hexaware, EY, Target, and many more. With a presence in more than 100+ countries, it has partnered with 1000+ corporates and offers products and services from more than 10,000 brands globally.

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