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Coredge and Devtron collaborate to provide GitOps-as-a-Service specially tailored for Enterprise and Telco customers worldwide

Coredge, the leading cloud and edge platform company, has announced its strategic partnership with Devtron, an open-source, Kubernetes native, enterprise-grade DevOps platform. The partnership between Coredge and Devtron offers the flexibility to incorporate various services like managed Kubernetes, managed databases, and managed object storage either within a hybrid cloud or a totally air-gapped environment. This allows customers to take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud (private/public/hybrid) while leveraging best-in-class features such as CI/CD, GitOps, observability, security scanning, role-based access control, and more.

Through the inclusion of Devtron’s Kubernetes native platform engineering suite, Coredge customers now have the added ability to deploy, manage, and scale their GitOps process with minimal effort. Additionally, for the customers who are just beginning their cloud-native journey, this partnership paves the way for applications onboarding, migration to Kubernetes or managing both cluster and application lifecycle through developer self-serve and a very efficient DevOps engine overall.

Arif Khan, founder at Coredge said, “Our deeper partnership with a cloud-native product like Devtron significantly improves Coredge’s telco cloud, edge and sovereign cloud offerings wherein enterprise customers can totally navigate the complexity of multi-cloud/cluster, manage the full infrastructure and at the same time provide a single pane of glass for developers to a golden paved path for self-serve and overall resource optimization.”

I am thrilled about our partnership with Coredge. This partnership signifies a major completion in our endeavour to facilitate a seamless DevOps workflow and enhance developer productivity and DevOps efficiency within a cloud operating model to offer technology risk mitigation for enterprises”, said Rajesh Razdan, Co-founder at Devtron.

About Coredge:

Coredge is building a revolutionary cloud and edge platform to address the orchestration and management requirements driven by new-age applications/use cases that require low latency and hyper-automated delivery. Coredge is committed to building products and solutions that will hasten the digital transformation of enterprises, which, in turn, will enable our clients to serve their own clients better and faster. For more information about Coredge, visit or follow us on Twitter

About Devtron:

Devtron is a cloud-native platform engineering suite for modern application deployment. It enables the DevOps team to quickly improve the maturity of the DevOps practices within the organization and provides developer self-serve to give a single pane of glass to manage tools standardization across the build and deploy platform. With headquarters in US and India, Devtron has seen continued adoption across US, Europe and India with some of the fast-growing companies as its heavy users. For more information about Devtron, visit  or follow us on Twitter@DevtronL

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