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Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) awarded a patent for “Automated Process for Parametric modeling “

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), the creators of MeshWorks, an integrated CAE platform has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its ‘Automated Process for Parametric modeling.’ This automated parametric modelling process generally includes an automated parametric process to build a parameterized computer-aided-engineering model from computer aided design (CAD).

The automated processor included a set of rules and templates for identifying geometric features. This feature generates parameters automatically, allowing for the efficient creation of modifications to various elements in the parametric model. Engineers can use the parametric approach to create different configurations of their designs quickly and easily. By changing interconnected attributes, it changes the features automatically, allowing designers to define entire classes of shapes rather than just specific instances. MeshWorks’ parametric modeler ensures design optimization with minimal input, making modification and updating tasks easier and more efficient.

“We are pleased that the US Patent Office has yet again recognized the uniqueness of our Automated Process for Parametric modeling product,” said Radha Krishnan, Founder & President, Detroit Engineered Products (DEP), on receiving the patent.  He further added, “Recognitions like these encourage and inspire us to  develop such innovative solutions for rapid product development. I would like to congratulate and thank the entire DEP family for their unwavering support and dedication. We are excited to continue on this path of growth and to reach such significant milestones.”

DEP’s mission is to democratize the product development process and make simulation services available to all. DEP aims to embrace emerging industry trends with such advancements in order to deliver more innovative solutions

About Detroit Engineered Products:

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) is an Engineering Solutions and Product Development company. Since its inception in 1998 in Troy, Michigan, USA, DEP is now a global company with footprints in Europe, China, Korea, Japan, Canada and India.

At the soul of DEP is a passion for engineering, and this passion has led to the inception of DEP MeshWorks, our proprietary software platform. DEP MeshWorks is a CAE driven platform for rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, parametrization of CAE models, enabling optimization, advanced meshing and CAD morphing. It has resulted in an accelerated and has transformed the product development process, which has resulted in several creative solutions to many of our client’s problems, thus providing significant value. For further information, please visit:

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