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E-Trade enables leading small and medium businesses to explore online opportunities in the Indian market, expanding their penetration and reach

E-Trade, one of the leading online aggregators has successfully partnered with leading Indian and domestic brands across Home, Auto, Lawn & Garden, Pets, Telecom & IT categories. Through this, eTrade aims to enable many small and medium businesses to explore online opportunities in the Indian market.

Strengthening its legacy as a trusted growth partner, eTrade has facilitated the entry of these recognized international and domestic brands, allowing them to expand their penetration and create a strong foothold in India. Leveraging its end-to-end multi-channel e-commerce expertise, eTrade has played an instrumental role in assisting these global brands to navigate the intricacies of the Indian market.

Utilising data-driven intelligence, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a strong distribution network, E-Trade has delivered a seamless platform for brands to bolster online operations and improve market penetration.

With this, several brands, acknowledged for their excellence and innovation are poised to captivate the Indian market with their industry-leading offerings. Furthermore, it will also facilitate consumers to gain access to globally acclaimed brands and growing options for online shoppers.

”As a $250 million startup and a trusted growth partner for over 500 brands, E-Trade continues to redefine the e-commerce landscape. The company’s commitment to providing an unprecedented experience for digitally savvy investors and partners aligns seamlessly with its commitment to supporting global & national brands in augmenting their market presence. Our extensive suite of services, including digitisation, inventory buying and management, and unified business operations management, will empower the brands to flourish in the Indian e-commerce ecosystem,” said Mr. Anuj Bhatia, Founder of E-Trade.

The strategic partnership between E-Trade and leading brands exemplifies its commitment to delivering exceptional services and driving e-commerce growth in India. By leveraging its automated buying systems and pricing tools, E-Trade ensures efficient and streamlined operations for the brands, empowering them to make data-backed decisions and optimise market success.

Punnet Sood, Global Head – Business Development, CX & Apparel business, Head -Apparel stated “We at Royal Enfield have been rapidly investing in developing products for various riding needs, different terrains and weather conditions whilst ensuring that they meet global safety norms. Our intent is to make products accessible not only in terms of price but also availability. Through our partnership with eTrade, we are heading in the right direction of expanding our reach across India. eTrade offered us a quick and scalable transformation for making our products available across Amazon Platform ”

The company operates out of a state-of-the-art facility , located in Gurugram and spanning over an area of 22000 sq ft. Additionally, it has offices & warehouse facilities across key regions in the country.

About E-Trade

E-Trade is India’s leading e-commerce aggregator, specializing in end-to-end multi-channel e-commerce solutions. The company utilises data-driven intelligence, automated systems, and a robust distribution framework to empower brands to scale up online and succeed in the Indian and global markets.

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