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Entrepreneurship akin to marathon, needs resilience, focus and strength

 With more than 1,000 entrepreneurs, innovators and industry leaders, TIECON Ahmedabad  conference has emerged as a unique platform for networking, collaboration and exchange of ideas.

With over 700 entrepreneurs, innovators, and industry leaders in attendance,

Ahmedabad witnessed the grandeur of TiECON Ahmedabad 2023, the flagship event of TiE Ahmedabad and celebrated  the indomitable spirit of Gujarat’s entrepreneurs, on Friday.   Likening entrepreneurship to a marathon, Jatin Trivedi, President of TiE Ahmedabad, drew parallels between the demanding journey of a marathon runner and the qualities required for entrepreneurial success.

“The patience to pace oneself, resilience to overcome hurdles, focus to stay on course, and strength to endure the long haul. And just like a marathon, the path of entrepreneurship is not always smooth. It has its hills and valleys, twists and turns. During this conference, we will unravel the stories of those who have persevered, those who have sprinted through adversity and those who have conquered the marathon,” he said further.

Embellished with the presence of renowned leaders, industry experts, and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs, TiECON Ahmedabad 2023 was a unique blend of networking, innovation, and growth. Continuing its rich tradition of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship,

In his address as Chief Guest at  TiECON Ahmedabad, Jayen Mehta, Managing Director of Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), shared insights into the success of Amul.

“The story of Amul is the story of India.  From 240 litres per day, Amul now procures 300 lakh litres per day. Amul has played a pivotal role in making India the world’s largest milk-producing nation and empowering farmers. It is also a great model of women empowerment and women-led development,” Mr Mehta said.

He also spoke about the blueprint to make India dairy to the world by increasing the country’s share in the global milk production from 24% at present to 33% by 20230 by doubling the number of village dairy cooperatives from 2 lakh to 4 lakh.

In his address/ Banchha Nidhi Pani, Commissioner of Technical Education, spoke about the growing role of technology in our lives and the government of Gujarat’s initiatives to promote young innovators.

” Unlocking growth, Investment into VC fund as asset class, Building a winning team, From Exit to Next Hit, India 2047-Role of Accelerators and Venture Builders, and India Story-Global Perspective.

“There is a lot of innovation happening in educational institutions in Gujarat. The government’s Student Startup Innovation Policy is supporting student innovators with capital, mentoring and handholding to help them transform their ideas into innovations,” he said.

Another highlight of the conference was the fireside chat on “Ruling Theatre, Cinema and OTT” with noted actor Pratik Gandhi.