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Fintech app Dinero encourages young Indians to build wealth; launches its beta app on Google Play Store

·         Invest in a SIP module in the best of India (With ETFs) through their proprietary recession-proof plan (Dinero Investment Plan) 

·         Win up to 1gram 24K Digital Gold for your investments as rewards 

·         The beta version is available on Dinero app which is currently live on Play store 


Dinero, India’s first rewards-on-investment platform, aimed at young Indians, announced the launch of its beta version of their app today. The app is exclusively available on Google Play Store. 


Ahead of the launch, Dinero conducted a nationwide empirical study with 500 millennials to understand their tryst with personal finance. The research identified that Young Indians find it hard to invest large sums of money in their initial years as one of the main obstacles to achieve their investment goals. It further stated that over 37% Young Indians were not satisfied with rewards and loyalty programs offered by their banks, adding to the cavalier attitude towards their investment plans. With its app launch, Dinero aims to create an easy, jargon-free, and affordable investment platform that helps users build wealth and create healthy financial habits and provides for a potential alternate income.


Mr Kashyap Mahavadi, Founder – Dinero says, “Our current focus is on helping youngsters build wealth. This can be a game-changer for the customers as their consistent investing habits will now be rewarded. The rewards earned on the app can be redeemed through Digital Gold investments. We have partnered with MMTC-PAMP, one of India’s leading Digital Gold providers. “


Their upcoming product, a one-of-a-kind investment plan called the DIP (Dinero Investment Plan), helps users build their first Crore starting with an investment as low as Rs. 100. 

The DIP concept is drawn from the 15:15:15 rule of Mutual Funds, which promises Rs.1Cr on investing Rs.15,000 monthly for 15 years at an annualised return of 15%. 


 Mr Kashyap further adds“We, at Dinero, identified the main hindrance in this rule – the inability of Young Indians to pitch in an amount as big as Rs.15,000 in their initial years of career and the ability to invest more than Rs.15,000 in the later years. We then adapted this plan accordingly to suit the young and new investors on the block” 


As per the default Dinero Investment Plan (DIP), a customer invests in a diversified basket of ETFs, for a period of 15 years. It is an innovative SIP-based module where the compounding effect would provide the required push to reach the 1Cr target based on user customization.  

Dinero will offer its customers an ecosystem of rewards consisting of digital gold, e-commerce offers, referral incentives, rewards points, and fun single-click games. For investing consistently, users will earn Dinero Dibs that they can use to win Digital Gold on the app through partnering with MMTC-PAMP, or to redeem coupons from the array of partner brands.  


With this launch, Dinero aims to onboard 1,00,000 customers by the calendar year-end 2022.   

Dinero can now be downloaded from 


Head over to the app now to play their single-click jackpot games and stand a chance to win up to 1gram 24k Digital Gold every week, no t&c applied.  


Key Features and How to get started:  

·         Download the Dinero app on the Play Store, and complete the quick 4 step onboarding process   

·         Play their Slot machine game to win up to Rs 5000 worth 24K Digital Gold.  

·         Create a DEMAT account with 5Paisa on the Dinero app  

·         Their upcoming DIP product is customizable per the customer’s needs with no lock-in period and no penalty for early withdrawal.    

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