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First Indian Robotics Tech. Park Eyes Hosting Elon Musk’s Tesla Bots Facilities

Last week Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla introduced Tesla Bot to the World during Tesla’ A.I. Day event at California.

Tesla Bot prototype is scheduled to be released by next year, and it has the chance to transform the world economy by driving labor costs down as per Elon Musk.

Tesla is using many robotics-autonomous technology which it developed for its automobile division in designing and making Tesla’s Robots.

Excited with this development of Tesla, Promoter of Greater Noida Robotics Technology Park (GNRTP), First Indian Robotics Technology Park, eyes hosting Elon Musk’s Tesla Bots Facilities right from R&D to Manufacturing facilities at the upcoming park near Delhi at Greater Noida.

In this direction, Promoter of GNRTP Innogress has sent an invitation to the Elon Musk with a vision to partner with Tesla Robotics division for hosting R&D, Design, Testing, Manufacturing and Assembly Facilities of Tesla Bots.

“We are excited by the Robotics boost coming from Elon Musk level which are in line with our vision and objectives for which we initiated GNRTP project in investor friendly Indian state of U.P., and we believe that Tesla’s possible participation in upcoming Greater Noida Robotics Technology Park shall enhance our goals of making a $10B+ A.I. & Robotics ecosystem at Gr. Noida” Said Sumant Parimal, Promoter of GNRTP and Partner & Chief Analyst of Innogress.

“We have another area of potential collaboration in the field of Tesla’s Autonomous Car project, where Tesla can use GNRTP’s planned Test Bed for Autonomous Vehicles for simulating various test cases as per Indian road conditions. Our Park planned for Autonomous Vehicles testing facilities along with other Robotics and A.I. Technology development to testing to manufacturing facilities which are in-line with A.I. and Robotics Tech. firms requirements to have integrated facilities under one roof” Sumant Parimal added further.

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